Chinese musicians who were born in 1953

Here are 5 famous musicians from China were born in 1953:

Blackie Ko

Blackie Ko (February 22, 1953 Xiangshan County, Zhejiang-December 9, 2003 Shanghai) a.k.a. 柯受良, Ko Sau-Leung, Ko Shou-Liang, Ko, Blackie, Sau Leung 'Blacky' Ko, Shou-liang Ke, Blacky Ko, Blackie Ko, Sau-Leung Ko, Shou Liang Ko, Kao Sau Leung, Koh Shou Leung, Or Sau Leung, Ko Shau Liang, Ko Shou Liang, Shou-Liang, Blackie Ko Shou-Liang, Asia's Evel Knievel, Hsiao Hei, Kē Shòu Liáng, Ko Shao Liang, Blacky Ko Sau-Leung, Blackie, Blacky, Shou-liang Ko, Kao Sau-leung, Shao Lieng Ko, Sau Leung Or, Blackie Ko Shou Liang or Blackie Ke Shou Liang was a Chinese actor, film director, film producer, stunt performer and singer. He had one child, Alan Ko.

His albums: 再次征服.

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Zhou Long

Zhou Long (July 8, 1953 Beijing-) also known as Long, Zhou or Long Zhou is a Chinese composer.

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Kenny Bee

Kenny Bee (February 23, 1953 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 鍾鎮濤, 钟镇涛, Chung Chun-to, Zung1 Zan3 Tou4, Zhōng Zhèntāo, Chun To Chung, Zhong Zhen Tao, Zhen Tao Zhong, Chun-to Chung, Jan To Chung, Kenny Chung, Bee Kenny or Kenny Dee is a Chinese actor, musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He has four children, Chung Yee, Chloe Bee, Chung Kwok and Nicholas Bee.

His albums include 濤出新天, , and .

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Chen Yi

Chen Yi (April 4, 1953 Guangzhou-) otherwise known as Yi, Chen, Yi Chen or Chen Yi is a Chinese composer.

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Jenny Tseng

Jenny Tseng (February 20, 1953 Macau-) a.k.a. Zhen Ni, Jenny Tseng, ºÂ©g, Tseng, Jenny, Jenny Yan, Jenny, Jenny Tsang, Yan Nei, Yan Suk Si, jan1 nei4, Zhēn Nī, 甄妮, Chen Ni or Jenny Yen is a Chinese singer, actor, entrepreneur, presenter and writer. She has one child, Melody Tseng.

Her albums: 金尊陳酒 and The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

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