Chinese musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 8 famous musicians from China were born in 1976:

Angelica Lee

Angelica Lee (January 23, 1976 Alor Setar-) a.k.a. Lee Xin Jie, Sinje Lee, Lee Sin Je, Lee Hsin Chieh, Angelica Lee Sin Je, Sin Ji Lee, Sin-Chet, Lee Sin-Chet, Sin Je, Lee Sinje, Sum Kit Lee, Sin-Je Lee, Angelica Lee Sin-Chet, Lee Sin-Je, Lee Sin Chet, Angelica Lee Sin-Jie or Angelica Lee Sinje is a Chinese singer and actor.

Her albums: Man & Woman, Bye Bye 童年, 愛像大海 and 愛像大海.

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Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei (March 12, 1976 Wuhu-) also known as 趙薇, 赵薇, Zhao, Vicki, xiaowei, Mei Chiu, Vicki Zhao, Vicki, Xiao Wei, Wei Zhao, Vicky Zhao, Athene, Zhou Wei, Wei wei, Noodles or Zhào Wēi is a Chinese actor, musician, film director, singer and spokesperson. She has one child, April Huang.

Her discography includes: Magic of Love, Afloat, Double, We're All Great Directors, Swallow, Angel's Suitcase, The Last Separation, Time Ceased, Jiang cheng zi and Mulan Sent.

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Herman Li

Herman Li (October 3, 1976 Hong Kong-) also known as Li, Herman is a Chinese musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres: Power metal, Heavy metal, Speed metal, Black metal, Thrash metal, Progressive metal and Neoclassical metal.

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Ah-Niu (August 31, 1976 Penang-) a.k.a. Ah Niu, 陳慶祥, Tan Kheng Seong or 陈庆祥 is a Chinese singer, songwriter and actor.

His most recognized albums: 桃花朵朵開, Aku Cinta Pada Mu 天天天天说爱你, 滾石香港黃金十年: 阿牛陳慶祥精選, , and . Genres he performed include Mandopop.

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Chet Lam

Chet Lam (April 11, 1976 Hong Kong-) also known as 林一峰, Yifeng Lin, Lam Yat-fung, Lín Yīfēng or Yat-fung Lam is a Chinese singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist and actor.

His albums include The Private Life of C, Camping in Hong Kong and 你今日拯救咗地球未呀.

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Gigi Leung

Gigi Leung (March 25, 1976 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 梁詠琪, Leung Wing Kei, Liang Yong Qi, ±çµúµX, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, 梁咏琪, Leung, Gigi, Leung Bik-Zi, GiGi Leung, Wing-Kei Leung, Yongqi Liang, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei, Leung Wing-Kei, Leung Pei Chi or Tall Girl is a Chinese singer, actor and model.

Her discography includes: 膽小鬼, Kiss, Face Washing, Look, Funny Face, 成長的短髮, 給自己的情歌, , 短髮 and 最爱梁咏琪.

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Zu Hai

Zu Hai (May 10, 1976 Bengbu-) is a Chinese singer.

Genres: Mandopop and Folk music.

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Wilfred Lau

Wilfred Lau (August 13, 1976 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. C-Hing, Ho-lung Lau, Wilfred Lau Ho-Lung or Lau Ho-Lung is a Chinese singer, actor and presenter.

Related albums: Le Nouvel Album.

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