Chinese musicians who were born in 1989

Here are 9 famous musicians from China were born in 1989:

Suki Low

Suki Low (December 11, 1989 Seremban-) is a Chinese singer.

Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Baby Zhang

Baby Zhang (April 9, 1989 Deyang-) otherwise known as 张含韵, 張含韻 or Zhang, Baby is a Chinese singer.

Her albums include Baby Zhang and 我很张含韵.

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Ng Chee Yang

Ng Chee Yang (December 10, 1989 Singapore-) is a Chinese singer.

Genres: Mandopop, Rhythm and blues, Musical theatre and Pop music.

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Zhang Li-Yin

Zhang Li-Yin (February 28, 1989 Chengdu-) also known as 張力尹, Zhang Liyin, Zhāng Lìyǐn, Zhang Li Yin, Jang Ri-in, Jang Ri In, 장리인 or 张力尹 is a Chinese singer.

Her discography includes: Timeless and I Will. Genres she performed include C-pop, Mandopop, Rhythm and blues and K-pop.

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Angelababy (February 28, 1989 Shanghai-) also known as Angela Yeung Wing, Baby, Angela, Angela Baby, Yang Ying, Angela Yeung, Wing Yeung or Yeung Wing is a Chinese singer, actor and model.

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Meng Jia

Meng Jia (February 3, 1989 Hunan-) also known as Jia, 지아 or Mèng Jia is a Chinese actor, singer, rapper and dancer.

Genres she performed: Pop music, K-pop, Synthpop, Teen pop, Mandopop and Dance-pop.

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Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang (December 13, 1989 Tianshui-) otherwise known as Sean Xiang is a Chinese actor and singer.

His discography includes: Confession and Chu Gao Bai. His related genres: C-pop and Pop music.

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Tian Jing

Tian Jing (July 21, 1989 Xi'an-) also known as Sally or Jing Tian is a Chinese actor.

Her albums: 你是谁.

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Huang Ying

Huang Ying (January 28, 1989 Dazhou, Sichuan-) is a Chinese singer.

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