Chinese music stars who deceased at age 35

Here are 6 famous musicians from China died at 35:

Tong Dizhou

Tong Dizhou (April 5, 2015 Yinxian-April 5, 1979) was a Chinese scientist.

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Shi Yuejun

Shi Yuejun (March 5, 1971 China-December 20, 2006 Tonghua) was a Chinese personality.

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Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai (July 29, 1968 Zhengyang County-February 14, 2004 Henan) a.k.a. Yang Zhiya, Wang Ganggang, Yang Liu or Monster Killer was a Chinese laborer.

He died as a result of capital punishment.

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Danny Chan

Danny Chan (September 7, 1958 Hong Kong-October 25, 1993 Hong Kong) a.k.a. 陳百強, 陈百强, Chan, Danny, 丹尼仔, Danny Chan Bak-keung, Chan4 baak3 koeng4, Danny Boy or Chén Bǎiqiáng was a Chinese singer, composer, actor, organist, songwriter, musician and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: 華納23週年紀念精選系列, 華納我愛經典系列, , 等待您, 陳百強, 偶像陳百強Remix, 陳百強, 當我想起你, 無聲勝有聲 and .

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Yang Jingyu

Yang Jingyu (February 13, 1905 Queshan County-February 23, 1940) a.k.a. Ma Shangde or Yáng Jìngyǔ was a Chinese soldier.

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Lin Zhao

Lin Zhao (December 16, 1932 Suzhou-April 29, 1968 Shanghai) also known as Peng Lingzhao was a Chinese personality.

She died in execution by firing squad.

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