Chinese music stars who deceased at age 39

Here are 4 famous musicians from China died at 39:

Empress Wanrong

Empress Wanrong (November 13, 1906 Manchuria-June 20, 1946 Yanji) also known as Lady Gobulo, Empress Xiaokemin or Elizabeth was a Chinese personality.

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Edward Isaac Ezra

Edward Isaac Ezra (January 3, 1882 Shanghai-December 15, 1921 Shanghai) was a Chinese businessperson.

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Emperor Yizong of Tang

Emperor Yizong of Tang (December 28, 0833-August 15, 0873) also known as Li Wen, Li Cui, Emperor Yizong, Yìzōng, Yizong, Emperor Gonghui or Emperor Zhaosheng Gonghui Xiao was a Chinese politician. He had two children, Emperor Zhaozong of Tang and Emperor Xizong of Tang.

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Emperor Xingzong of Liao

Emperor Xingzong of Liao (April 3, 1016-August 28, 1055) a.k.a. Liáo Xīngzōng or Yelü Zongzhen was a Chinese personality. His child is called Emperor Daozong of Liao.

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