Croatian musicians died when they were 71

Here are 7 famous musicians from Croatia died at 71:

Ernest Dubac

Ernest Dubac (February 15, 1914 Osijek-February 27, 1985 Osijek) was a Croatian personality.

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Dušan Vukotić

Dušan Vukotić (February 7, 1927 Bileća-July 8, 1998 Krapinske Toplice) also known as Dusan Vukotic or Du^Úan Vukotiæ was a Croatian film director, animator, cartoonist, author, screenwriter, film editor, production designer and film producer.

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Nikola Tanhofer

Nikola Tanhofer (December 25, 1926 Sesvete-November 24, 1998 Zagreb) also known as Nikola Tanhofer Tani was a Croatian cinematographer, screenwriter and film director.

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Sven Lasta

Sven Lasta (April 18, 1925 Pakrac-August 15, 1996 Zagreb) also known as S. Lasta was a Croatian actor and voice actor.

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Ivo Vojnović

Ivo Vojnović (October 9, 1857 Dubrovnik-August 30, 1929 Belgrade) otherwise known as Ivo Vojnovic, Iván de Vojnovich or Ivan "Ivo" Vojnović was a Croatian writer.

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Stjepan Šulek

Stjepan Šulek (August 5, 1914 Zagreb-January 16, 1986) also known as Stjepan Sulek or Šulek, Stjepan was a Croatian personality.

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Ivica Vidović

Ivica Vidović (May 10, 1939 Belgrade-April 18, 2011 Zagreb) also known as Ivica Vidovic was a Croatian actor. He had one child, Luka Vidovic.

He died in cancer.

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