Croatian musicians died when they were 74

Here are 6 famous musicians from Croatia died at 74:

Florijan Matekalo

Florijan Matekalo (April 25, 1920-April 5, 1995 Belgrade) was a Croatian personality.

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Krešo Golik

Krešo Golik (May 10, 1922 Fužine, Croatia-September 20, 1996 Zagreb) a.k.a. Krešimir Golik, Kresimir Golik or Kreso was a Croatian film director and screenwriter.

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Tomislav Radić

Tomislav Radić (December 8, 1940 Zagreb-March 7, 2015) also known as Tomislav Radic or Tomas Radic was a Croatian screenwriter, film director and film producer.

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Mirko Kovač

Mirko Kovač (December 26, 1938 Nikšić-August 19, 2013 Rovinj) was a Croatian screenwriter, novelist, essayist and playwright.

He died caused by cancer.

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Oretta Fiume

Oretta Fiume (June 6, 1919 Rijeka-April 22, 1994 Rome) also known as Claudia Scrobogna was a Croatian actor. Her child is called Federico Scrobogna.

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Nikola Andrić

Nikola Andrić (July 5, 1867-April 7, 1942 Zagreb) was a Croatian writer, philologist and translator.

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