British actors died in 1953

Here are 11 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1953:

Nigel Bruce

Nigel Bruce (February 4, 1895 Ensenada-October 8, 1953 Santa Monica) also known as William Nigel Ernle Bruce or Willie was a British actor. His children are called Pauline Bruce and Jennifer Bruce.

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Richard Massingham

Richard Massingham (January 31, 1898 Sleaford-April 1, 1953 Biddenden) also known as Dr. Richard Massingham or Richard Masshingham was a British physician, actor, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

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Godfrey Tearle

Godfrey Tearle (October 12, 1884 New York City-June 9, 1953 London) otherwise known as Sir Godfrey Seymour Tearle, Sir Godfrey Tearle or Godfrey Seymour Tearle was a British actor.

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Harold Warrender

Harold Warrender (November 15, 1903 London-May 6, 1953 Gerrards Cross) also known as Harold John Warrender was a British actor.

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Roland Young

Roland Young (November 11, 1887 London-June 5, 1953 New York City) was a British actor.

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Cecil Hepworth

Cecil Hepworth (March 19, 1874 Lambeth-February 9, 1953 Greenford) otherwise known as Cecil M. Hepworth or Cecil Milton Hepworth was a British film director, film producer, actor, cinematographer, screenwriter and inventor.

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Crauford Kent

Crauford Kent (October 12, 1881 London-May 14, 1953 Hollywood) a.k.a. Crawford Kent or Craufurd Kent was a British actor.

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Ivor Barnard

Ivor Barnard (June 13, 1887 London-June 30, 1953 London) was a British actor. He had one child, Pamela Barnard.

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Albert Austin

Albert Austin (December 13, 1881 Birmingham-August 17, 1953 North Hollywood) was a British film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford

Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford (November 16, 1865 Borough of Tunbridge Wells-February 15, 1953 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Swanky Syd, Sir Sidney Lawford, Sidney Lawford or Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Turing Barlow Lawford, KCB was a British actor and soldier. He had one child, Peter Lawford.

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Stanley Logan

Stanley Logan (June 12, 1885 Earlsfield-January 30, 1953 New York City) was a British actor, screenwriter, theatre director and film director.

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