Czech musicians died when they were 51

Here are 5 famous musicians from Czech Republic died at 51:

Alois Eliáš

Alois Eliáš (September 29, 1890 Vinohrady-June 19, 1942 Prague) otherwise known as Alois Elias was a Czech politician.

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Rudolf Slánský

Rudolf Slánský (July 31, 1901 Nezvěstice-December 3, 1952 Prague) also known as Rudolf Slansky was a Czech politician. He had three children, Naďa Slánský, Rudolf Nadezhda Slánský and Marta Slánský.

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Jiří Matoušek

Jiří Matoušek (April 5, 1963 Czech Republic-March 9, 2015) also known as Jiri Matousek was a Czech mathematician.

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Jan Kotěra

Jan Kotěra (December 18, 1871 Brno-April 17, 1923 Prague) a.k.a. Jan Kotera was a Czech architect.

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Petr Novák

Petr Novák (September 6, 1945 Prague-August 19, 1997 Prague) a.k.a. Novák, Petr was a Czech musician, writer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include 12 Nej, Náhrobní kámen, , , and . Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock and roll and Psychedelic music.

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