Czechoslovakian movie stars born in 1974

Here are 5 famous actresses from Czechoslovakia were born in 1974:

Laura Angel

Laura Angel (October 16, 1974 Czechoslovakia-) is a Czechoslovakian pornographic film actor, singer, actor, author, film director and dancer.

Zuzana Fialová

Zuzana Fialová (May 17, 1974 Bratislava-) is a Czechoslovakian actor, television director and writer. She has one child, David Fiala.

Timea Majorova

Timea Majorova (October 2, 1974 Bratislava-) otherwise known as Timea Majorova DVD is a Czechoslovakian fitness professional and actor.

Slávka Halčáková

Slávka Halčáková (December 20, 1974 Czechoslovakia-) is a Czechoslovakian actor.

Jana Páleníčková

Jana Páleníčková (September 24, 1974 Prague-) is a Czechoslovakian actor.

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