Danish movie stars born in 1948

Here are 9 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1948:

Jesper Christensen

Jesper Christensen (May 16, 1948 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Jesper Allan Christensen is a Danish actor, film producer, voice actor and film director.

Bjørn Uglebjerg

Bjørn Uglebjerg (March 21, 1948 Copenhagen-June 21, 1994) also known as Uglebjerg, Bjørn or Gasolin' was a Danish actor, musician and drummer.

Ib Tardini

Ib Tardini (September 7, 1948 Gentofte Municipality-) is a Danish film producer, actor and television producer.

Hans Henrik Clemensen

Hans Henrik Clemensen (October 4, 1948 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Henrik Clemmesen or Hans Henrik Clemmensen is a Danish actor. His child is called Anna Bro.

Ole Thestrup

Ole Thestrup (March 12, 1948 Nibe-) otherwise known as Ole Svane Thestrup is a Danish actor.

Claus Strandberg

Claus Strandberg (June 5, 1948 Copenhagen-August 13, 2004 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

Esper Hagen

Esper Hagen (May 17, 1948 Denmark-) also known as Esper Hagen Andersen is a Danish actor.

Lars Lohmann

Lars Lohmann (February 5, 1948 Denmark-) is a Danish actor. He has one child, Jakob Ulrik Lohmann.

Hugo Øster Bendtsen

Hugo Øster Bendtsen (May 25, 1948 Nakskov-July 10, 1998 Denmark) also known as Hugo Øster Berdtsen was a Danish actor.

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