Turkish actors born in 1946

Here are 11 famous actors from Turkey were born in 1946:

Coşkun Göğen

Coşkun Göğen (June 5, 1946 Antalya-) a.k.a. Hippi Coskun, Coskun Akan, Hipi Coskun, Coskun or Coskun Gögen is a Turkish actor.

Ercan Yazgan

Ercan Yazgan (April 4, 1946 Sinop-) is a Turkish actor.

Halil Ergün

Halil Ergün (September 8, 1946 İznik-) also known as Halil Ergun or Halil İbrahim is a Turkish actor and screenwriter.

Mustafa Alabora

Mustafa Alabora (March 16, 1946 Istanbul-) is a Turkish actor. He has one child, Memet Ali Alabora.

Timur Selçuk

Timur Selçuk (July 2, 1946 Istanbul-) also known as Timur Selcuk or Selçuk, Timur is a Turkish film score composer, actor, singer, pianist, conductor and composer. His children are called Hazal Selçuk and Mercan Selçuk.

Cihan Ünal

Cihan Ünal (January 22, 1946 Kastamonu-) also known as Cihan Unal is a Turkish actor. He has two children, Yağmur Ünal and Irmak Ünal.

Savaş Eşici

Savaş Eşici (February 20, 1946 Ankara-) also known as Savas Esici is a Turkish film director, screenwriter and actor.


Fedon (August 19, 1946 Istanbul-) a.k.a. Fedon Kalyoncu is a Turkish actor. He has two children, Natali Kalyoncu and Theo Kalyoncu.

Erdal Gülver

Erdal Gülver (April 2, 1946 Tarsus-) otherwise known as Erdal Gulver is a Turkish actor.

Hüseyin Akşen

Hüseyin Akşen (May 15, 1946 Adana-) also known as Hüseyin Aksen is a Turkish actor.

Yıldırım Yanılmaz

Yıldırım Yanılmaz (January 18, 1946 Zonguldak-) a.k.a. Yildirim Yanilmaz is a Turkish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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