Danish movie stars born in 1952

Here are 5 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1952:

Jacob Haugaard

Jacob Haugaard (May 12, 1952 Tvøroyri-) a.k.a. Haugaard, Jacob is a Danish politician, comedian and actor.

Flemming Enevold

Flemming Enevold (February 12, 1952 Denmark-) is a Danish actor, author and musician.

Søren Stærmose

Søren Stærmose (April 20, 1952 Odense-) also known as Mogens Søren Stærmose or Soren Staermose is a Danish film producer, actor and television producer.

Hans Henrik Bærentsen

Hans Henrik Bærentsen (April 14, 1952 Denmark-) also known as Hans Henrik Bærensen, Hans H. Bærentsen or Rasmus Radiomus is a Danish actor.

Jarl Forsmann

Jarl Forsmann (April 6, 1952 Denmark-) a.k.a. Jarl Mikael Forsmann or Jarl Forsman is a Danish actor.

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