Danish movie stars died at 77

Here are 8 famous actors from Denmark died at 77:

Johannes V. Jensen

Johannes V. Jensen (January 20, 1873 Farsø-November 25, 1950 Østerbro) a.k.a. Johannes V. Jensen or Johannes Vilhelm Jensen was a Danish novelist, writer and actor.

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August Blom

August Blom (December 26, 1869 Copenhagen-January 10, 1947 Copenhagen) was a Danish film director and actor.

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Torkil Lauritzen

Torkil Lauritzen (June 18, 1901 Frederiksberg-June 4, 1979 Denmark) also known as Fritz Torkild 'Torkil' Laursen or Thorkil Lauritzen was a Danish actor.

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Axel Strøbye

Axel Strøbye (February 22, 1928 Frederiksberg-July 12, 2005 Charlottenlund) also known as Axel Strobye, Axel Strøby Jacobsen or Aksel Strøbye was a Danish actor. He had two children, Michäela Strøbye and Thomas Strøbye.

He died caused by cancer.

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Peter Steen

Peter Steen (January 22, 1936 Randers-February 7, 2013 Bornholm) was a Danish actor and screenwriter. He had two children, Morten Naver Steen and Rasmus Naver Steen.

He died as a result of alzheimer's disease.

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Hans W. Petersen

Hans W. Petersen (January 28, 1897 Denmark-April 27, 1974 Denmark) otherwise known as Hans Petersen or Hans Wilhelm Petersen was a Danish actor.

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Louis Miehe-Renard

Louis Miehe-Renard (April 11, 1919 Copenhagen-January 21, 1997 Denmark) also known as Louis Meihe Renard or Louis Christian Miehe-Renard was a Danish actor. He had five children, Isabella Miehe-Renard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Pierre Miehe-Renard, Katja Miehe-Renard and Anja Miehe-Renard.

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Peter Malberg

Peter Malberg (September 21, 1887 Aarhus-June 23, 1965 Denmark) a.k.a. Malberg, Peter was a Danish actor.

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