Danish movie stars born in 1935

Here are 6 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1935:

Hanne Borchsenius

Hanne Borchsenius (November 30, 1935 Frederiksberg-March 19, 2012 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

Ghita Nørby

Ghita Nørby (January 11, 1935 Copenhagen-) otherwise known as Githa Norby or The First Lady of Danish Cinema is a Danish actor. She has one child, Giacomo Campeotto.

Birgit Kroencke

Birgit Kroencke (April 20, 1935 Copenhagen-) also known as Gitte Lee, Gitte Kröncke, Birgit Kroencke Lee, Birgit "Gitte" Kroencke Lee, Birgit "Gitte" Lee, Birgit Krøncke or Birgit Lee is a Danish actor and model. Her child is called Christina Erika Lee.

Susanne Theil

Susanne Theil (January 25, 1935 Denmark-) also known as Suzanne Beathe Rosenkrantz Theil-Jensen, Susanne Beathe Rosenkrantz-Theil or Susanne Theil-Jensen is a Danish actor. She has two children, Lars Mejding and Anna Theil Mejding.

Hanne Winther-Jørgensen

Hanne Winther-Jørgensen (April 1, 1935 Copenhagen-June 17, 1991 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

Karen Wegener

Karen Wegener (April 27, 1935 Denmark-March 29, 2012) was a Danish actor.

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