Danish musicians died at 45

Here are 5 famous musicians from Denmark died at 45:

Sigfred Johansen

Sigfred Johansen (May 31, 1908 Frederiksberg-July 18, 1953 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Kaj Munk

Kaj Munk (January 13, 1898 Lolland-January 4, 1944 Denmark) also known as Harald Leininger Munk or Kaj Harald Leininger Petersen was a Danish playwright and priest. His children are Yrsa Munk, Helge Munk, Arne Munk, Solveig Munk and Mogens Munk.

He died as a result of assassination.

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Ulrik of Denmark

Ulrik of Denmark (December 30, 1578 Koldinghus-March 27, 1624 Rühn) was a Danish personality.

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Harald Giersing

Harald Giersing (April 24, 1881 Copenhagen-January 15, 1927 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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Frederik Jacobsen

Frederik Jacobsen (September 12, 1876 Copenhagen-September 4, 1922) was a Danish actor and screenwriter.

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