Danish musicians died at 49

Here are 5 famous musicians from Denmark died at 49:

Frederik Buch

Frederik Buch (December 8, 1875 Copenhagen-April 13, 1925) otherwise known as Frederik Adolf Wilhelm Buch was a Danish actor.

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Jens Munk

Jens Munk (June 3, 1579 Arendal-June 28, 1628) was a Danish personality.

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Jan Boye

Jan Boye (January 19, 1962-October 22, 2011) a.k.a. Mayor Jan Boye was a Danish personality.

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Joachim Gersdorff

Joachim Gersdorff (November 12, 1611 Denmark-April 19, 1661 Copenhagen) was a Danish statesman and politician.

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Christian Kampmann

Christian Kampmann (July 24, 1939 Hellerup-September 13, 1988 Læsø) a.k.a. Christian Peter Georg Kampmann was a Danish writer and journalist.

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