Danish musicians died at 55

Here are 13 famous musicians from Denmark died at 55:

Christian Bohr

Christian Bohr (February 14, 1855 Copenhagen-February 3, 1911 Copenhagen) was a Danish scientist. His children are Niels Henrik David Bohr, Harald Bohr and Jennifer Bohr.

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Erik Tuxen

Erik Tuxen (July 4, 1902 Mannheim-August 28, 1957 Denmark) also known as Erik Oluf Tuxen, Eric Olaf To~ukusen or Eric To~ukusen was a Danish conductor, composer and music arranger.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Rasmus Malling-Hansen

Rasmus Malling-Hansen (September 5, 1835 Lolland-September 27, 1890 Copenhagen) was a Danish scientist.

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Fritiof Andersen

Fritiof Andersen (May 30, 1898-January 24, 1954) was a Danish personality.

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August Paulsen

August Paulsen (July 29, 1871-March 11, 1927) was a Danish businessperson. His child is Pauline Elizabeth Paulsen.

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Ebbe Langberg

Ebbe Langberg (August 1, 1933 Copenhagen-February 3, 1989 Hvidovre) was a Danish actor and film director.

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Bodil Steen

Bodil Steen (January 14, 1923 Copenhagen-January 10, 1979 Denmark) also known as Bodil Jørri Steen or Bodil Jørri Jensen Steen was a Danish actor.

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Oscar Stribolt

Oscar Stribolt (February 12, 1872 Copenhagen-May 27, 1927 Copenhagen) also known as Peter Oscar Stribolt or "Stri" was a Danish actor.

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Otto Møller Jensen

Otto Møller Jensen (July 31, 1940 Denmark-March 12, 1996 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Frederick VII of Denmark

Frederick VII of Denmark (October 6, 1808 Copenhagen-November 15, 1863 Glücksburg) was a Danish personality.

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Prince George of Denmark

Prince George of Denmark (April 2, 1653 Copenhagen Castle-October 28, 1708 Kensington Palace) a.k.a. George of Denmark or Prince George of Denmark and Norway, Duke of Cumberland was a Danish personality. He had five children, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, Mary, Anne Sophia, Mary and George.

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Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll

Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll (September 5, 1800-July 14, 1856 Frederiksberg) was a Danish architect. His child is called Thorvald Bindesbøll.

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Lili Bech

Lili Bech (December 29, 1883 Copenhagen-January 20, 1939 Aarhus) also known as Lily Beck, Lili Beck, Lilli Beck, Lili Magnussen or Lily Bech was a Danish actor.

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