Danish musicians died in Natural causes

Here are 3 famous musicians from Denmark died in Natural causes:

Ib Mossin

Ib Mossin (July 3, 1933 Frederiksberg-December 17, 2004 Copenhagen) also known as Ib Erik Mossin was a Danish film director, actor, screenwriter, singer and teacher.

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Grethe Sønck

Grethe Sønck (July 16, 1929 Struer, Denmark-February 12, 2010 Denmark) also known as Grethe Ingeborg Nielsen Hald was a Danish actor and singer.

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Rune T. Kidde

Rune T. Kidde (September 27, 1957-October 21, 2013 Denmark) also known as Rune Kidde was a Danish writer.

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