Dutch actors who were born in 1955

Here are 5 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1955:

Pierre Bokma

Pierre Bokma (December 20, 1955 Paris-) also known as Pierre Henri Martin Bokma is a Dutch actor. He has one child, Thomas Bokma.

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Heintje Simons

Heintje Simons (August 12, 1955 Kerkrade-) also known as Hein Simons or Heintje is a Dutch singer and actor.

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Hans van Tongeren

Hans van Tongeren (January 18, 1955 Breda-August 25, 1982) was a Dutch actor.

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Robert ten Brink

Robert ten Brink (October 20, 1955 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor and presenter. He has five children, Nina Ten Brink, Emma Ten Brink, Charlotte Ten Brink, Isabel Ten Brink and Suzanne Ten Brink.

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Pieter Jan Brugge

Pieter Jan Brugge (November 6, 1955 Deventer-) is a Dutch film producer, actor and film director.

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