Dutch actresses who were born in 1909

Here are 6 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1909:

Peronne Hosang

Peronne Hosang (July 17, 1909 Middelburg-January 12, 1972 Westkapelle, Netherlands) was a Dutch actor.

Lyda Lobo

Lyda Lobo (November 2, 1909 Amsterdam-April 13, 1995 Amsterdam) also known as Lida Lobo or Lida Lobo-Polak was a Dutch actor.

Hesje de Vries

Hesje de Vries (July 22, 1909 Netherlands-May 12, 1968) was a Dutch actor.

Wiesje Bouwmeester

Wiesje Bouwmeester (August 28, 1909 Watergraafsmeer-March 23, 1979 Amsterdam) was a Dutch actor.

Lien Deyers

Lien Deyers (November 5, 1909 Amsterdam-March 1, 1982 United States of America) otherwise known as Lien Dyers or Lien Deijers was a Dutch actor.

Mary van den Berg

Mary van den Berg (June 8, 1909 The Hague-December 21, 2003 Amsterdam) also known as Maria Margaretha Van Den Berg was a Dutch actor.

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