Dutch musicians who were born in 1977

Here are 11 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1977:

Birgit Schuurman

Birgit Schuurman (July 1, 1977 Utrecht-) a.k.a. Birgit or Bar-B is a Dutch singer and actor. She has one child, Chico Toonen.

Her albums: Few Like Me, A Little Famous and True Stories I Made Up. Her related genres: Rock music.

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Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand (September 7, 1977 Utrecht-) otherwise known as Fedde Le Grande, Fredde Le Grand, Feddle Le Grand, Freddie Le Grande or F.L.G. is a Dutch disc jockey, record producer and remixer.

His albums include Output, Electronic EP, , Put Your Hands Up for Detroit, Scared of Me (feat. Mitch Crown), Sessions 11: Fedde Le Grand, Get This Feeling, , Let Me Be Real and Autosave. Genres he performed include House music, Electronica, Electronic music, Acid house, Techno, Tech house, Eurodance, Progressive house and Electro house.

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Wouter Hamel

Wouter Hamel (May 19, 1977 The Hague-) also known as Hamel, Wouter is a Dutch singer.

Discography: Hamel, Nobody's Tune, and . Genres he performed: Jazz and Pop music.

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Ilse DeLange

Ilse DeLange (May 13, 1977 Almelo-) also known as Ilse De Lange, Ilse Annoeska de Lange or DeLange, Ilse is a Dutch singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Live, The Great Escape, Here I Am: 1998-2003, Livin' on Love, Dear John, I'm Not So Tough, World of Hurt, The Great Escape, Clean Up and Incredible. Genres she performed include Country, Pop music and Pop rock.

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Ralphie B

Ralphie B (April 6, 1977 Zwijndrecht, Netherlands-) a.k.a. Ralphie B., Ralph Barendse or Alpha Breed is a Dutch , .

His albums: Face Off / The Holy Grail. Genres he performed: Uplifting trance.

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Cor Fijneman

Cor Fijneman (April 9, 1977 Breda-) a.k.a. Cor Finjeman, DJ Cor Fyneman, DJ Cor Fijneman, Cor Fijneman, In Trance We Trust or Fijneman, Cor is a Dutch , .

Discography: In Trance We Trust 005, Monologue, Exhibition, Disappear, In Trance We Trust 006, In Trance We Trust: Collector’s Edition 1 and Around the World in 80 Days With Cor Fijneman & Mark Norman. His related genres: Trance music and Progressive house.

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Jochem Jacobs

Jochem Jacobs (March 26, 1977-) is a Dutch record producer.

Genres he performed: Progressive metal.

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Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen (March 4, 1977 Breda-) also known as Jansen, Laura is a Dutch musician and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Trauma, Bells, and . Genres she performed include Indie pop and Pop music.

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DJ Dazzle

DJ Dazzle (January 25, 1977-) also known as Martijn Wittenbols, Dazzle or Dazzle, DJ is a Dutch record producer and disc jockey.

His discography includes: Chained / Chaos Theory, Freedom 3: The Norway Sessions, Freedom 4 (Somewhere in Time) and Relativity. Genres he performed include Trance music, Tech house, Progressive house and Dance music.

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Charlie Dee

Charlie Dee (September 22, 1977 Rotterdam-) otherwise known as Renée van Dongen or Dée, Charlie is a Dutch , .

His albums include Where Do Girls Come From and Love Your Life.

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Sandra van Nieuwland

Sandra van Nieuwland (February 16, 1977 Delft-) is a Dutch singer.

Discography: And More, More (From The Voice of Holland) and Banging on the Doors of Love.

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