Dutch musicians who were born in 1980

Here are 16 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1980:


Sita (June 8, 1980 Ilpendam-) also known as Sita Vermeulen, Sita Maria Vermeulen, Sita and Bart, K-otic or Starmaker is a Dutch singer.

Her albums include L’envers du décor, Happy, Come With Me and Happy. Genres: Pop music.

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Kelly van der Veer

Kelly van der Veer (May 6, 1980 Hilversum-) also known as Ferry van der Veer is a Dutch musician and actor.

Genres she performed: Children's music and Pop music.

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Kim-Lian (October 1, 1980 Beverwijk-) also known as Kim-Lian van der Meij is a Dutch singer, presenter, singer-songwriter and actor. She has three children, Ronja Gibson, William Gibson and Benjamin Gibson.

Her albums: Just Do It and Balance. Genres: Pop rock.

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Jimmy Rosenberg

Jimmy Rosenberg (April 10, 1980 Helmond-) also known as Rosenberg, Jimmy is a Dutch , .

His albums include Jimmy Rosenberg feat. Biréli Lagrène & Angelo Debarre, Portrait of Jimmy Rosenberg, Trio, Presenting Ola Kvernberg & Jimmy Rosenberg, Jon & Jimmy: Dreams, Drugs and Django, Live, Rose Room, Django’s Tiger and Swinging with Jimmy Rosenberg.

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Barthezz (January 22, 1980 Asten, Netherlands-) also known as Barthez, Bartezz, Bart Claessen, Stereoshaker or Bart Classen is a Dutch record producer and disc jockey.

His albums include Infected, First Light, On the Move and Rock & Roll. Genres he performed include Dance music and Trance music.

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Boris (October 3, 1980 Venlo-) a.k.a. Bo-Rush or Boris Titulaer is a Dutch singer. He has two children, Django Titulaer and Chico Titulaer.

His albums: Holy Pleasure, When You Think of Me, Rely on Me, Live My Life, She's on Fire (remix) and Gold. Genres he performed include Soul music, Funk and Jazz.

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Davy Mickers

Davy Mickers (September 4, 1980 Netherlands-) also known as Mickers, Davy is a Dutch , .

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Marjolein Kooijman

Marjolein Kooijman (May 3, 1980 's-Hertogenbosch-) also known as Kooijman, Marjolein is a Dutch , .

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Jesselyn (October 6, 1980 Netherlands-) a.k.a. Jesslyn or Джесси Сеунтьенс is a Dutch , .

Genres related to her: Electronica.

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Don Diablo

Don Diablo (February 27, 1980 Netherlands-) a.k.a. Dahlio Bond, The Raven, Origin Unknown, Don Pepijn Schipper or Raven, The is a Dutch , .

His discography includes: Life is a Festival, Teen Scream Machine, Disco Disco Disco, , Too Cool for School, Who's Your Daddy Remix Package 2, Make You Pop, I Am Not From France, Fade Away (Round & Round) and Blow (feat. The Beatkidz). His related genres: Rock music, Electro, Hip hop music, Dubstep, Disco, Electronic dance music, Progressive house, Electro house, Trap music and House music.

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Rachel Kramer

Rachel Kramer (August 9, 1980 Rotterdam-) is a Dutch singer.

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Manda Ophuis

Manda Ophuis (November 27, 1980-) is a Dutch singer-songwriter.

Genres she performed: Symphonic rock, Symphonic metal and Alternative rock.

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Ariën Van Weesenbeek

Ariën Van Weesenbeek (May 17, 1980 Waalwijk-) also known as Arien Van Weesenbeek, Ariën van Weesenbeek or Weesenbeek, van, Ariën is a Dutch musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Death metal, Symphonic metal and Gothic metal.

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Waylon (April 20, 1980 Apeldoorn-) also known as William Bijkerk is a Dutch singer.

His albums: Wicked Ways, After All and Heaven After Midnight. Genres related to him: Soul music, Country, Pop music and Rock music.

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Lange Frans

Lange Frans (November 12, 1980 Amsterdam-) also known as Frans Frederiks is a Dutch rapper. He has two children, Hendrikus Frederick William French and Danie Damara Maria Frederiks.

His albums: . Genres he performed: Hip Hop and Hip hop music.

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Roger Peterson

Roger Peterson (December 1, 1980 Savaneta-) is a Dutch musician.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Pop rock, Alternative metal, Post-grunge, Reggae fusion, Alternative rock, Nu metal and Reggae rock.

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