Dutch musicians who were born in 1986

Here are 10 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1986:

Jamai Loman

Jamai Loman (June 30, 1986 Gouda-) also known as Jamai Johannes Loman or Jamai is a Dutch singer, presenter and actor.

Related albums: Jamai.

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Stevie Ann

Stevie Ann (June 24, 1986 Netherlands-) a.k.a. St├ęphanie Struijk or Ann, Stevie is a Dutch singer.

Her albums: Closer to the Heart, Away From Here, One Year of Love, Part II, Changes (Klimaatwet EP), Light Up and California Sounds.

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Rania Zeriri

Rania Zeriri (January 6, 1986 Enschede-) is a Dutch singer.

Her albums include Crying Undercover. Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Brace (August 23, 1986-) a.k.a. Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald or Rachid MacDonald is a Dutch , .

His albums: Strijder and Dilemma. Genres he performed: Hip hop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Josje Huisman

Josje Huisman (February 16, 1986 Heusden-) also known as K3, Josina Huisman or Josina "Josje" Huisman is a Dutch presenter, actor, singer and dancer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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R3hab (April 2, 1986-) also known as Fadil El Ghoul is a Dutch record producer, disc jockey and remixer.

His albums: Prutataaa, The Bottle Song (The Remixes), Sending My Love, The Bottle Song, Prutataaa (the remixes), Do It (Life in Color 2013 Anthem), Revolution, Revolution (Remixes), Unstoppable and Blue Magic. Genres he performed include Progressive house, House music, Electro house and Trap music.

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Dashni Murad

Dashni Murad (January 1, 1986 Sulaymaniyah-) is a Dutch presenter, singer and dancer.

Genres: Dance music, Pop music and Arabic music.

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Yes-R (November 2, 1986 Amsterdam-) also known as Yesser Roshdy or Yesser Roshdi is a Dutch singer, songwriter and rapper.

Related albums: , , , Rampeneren and Fashion. Genres related to him: Rap music.

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Kempi (June 18, 1986 Helmond-) also known as Jerrely Slijger is a Dutch rapper and actor.

Related albums: and . His related genres: Gangsta rap and Dutch hip hop.

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Eefje de Visser

Eefje de Visser (February 8, 1986 Voorburg-) is a Dutch singer-songwriter, film score composer and composer.

Her albums include De koek and .

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