Egyptian actors who were born in 1924

Here are 5 famous actors from Egypt were born in 1924:

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim

Abdel Moneim Ibrahim (December 24, 1924 Cairo-November 18, 1987 Cairo) was an Egyptian actor.

Tewfik El Dekn

Tewfik El Dekn (May 3, 1924 Egypt-November 26, 1988 Cairo) also known as Tewfik Amin Mohamed El Dekn, Tewfik El Dekken or Tawfik Eldekin was an Egyptian actor.

Hamdi Ghayth

Hamdi Ghayth (January 7, 1924 Al Sharqia Governorate-March 7, 2006 Egypt) was an Egyptian actor and theatre director.

Fouad el-Mohandes

Fouad el-Mohandes (September 6, 1924 Abbassia-September 16, 2006 Cairo) also known as Fuad el-Mohandess or Fouad Zaki El-Mohandes was an Egyptian actor, singer, radio personality and film producer. He had three children, Ahmed el-Mohandes, Mohamed el-Mohandes and Habiba el-Mohandes.

Aly Reda

Aly Reda (July 17, 1924 Cairo-October 26, 1993) was an Egyptian actor and film director.

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