Egyptian actors who deceased at age 59

Here are 3 famous actors from Egypt died at 59:

Bishara Wakim

Bishara Wakim (March 5, 1890 Faggala-November 30, 1949 Cairo) a.k.a. Bechara Wakim or Bisharah Yoakim was an Egyptian actor and film director.

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Mounir Mourad

Mounir Mourad (January 13, 1922 Cairo-October 17, 1981) also known as Morice Zaki Mourad Assoulin was an Egyptian actor.

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Ismail Yassine

Ismail Yassine (September 15, 1912 Suez-May 24, 1972 Cairo) also known as Ismail Yasseen, Ismail Yassine or Esmaeel Yaseen was an Egyptian actor and comedian. His child is Yassin Ismail Yassin.

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