Egyptian actors died because of Cardiovascular disease

Here are 2 famous actors from Egypt died in Cardiovascular disease:

Farid Shawqi

Farid Shawqi (July 30, 1920 Cairo-July 27, 1998 Cairo) also known as Farid Chawki, Farid Shawki Mohammad Abduh Badawi, Abu el-Banat, Malek El Terso, Farid Bay, King of the Front Rows, King of the Screen, The Monster, Ferit Sevki, Farid Chawky, Farid Cianki, The King of the Third Class, Farid Shawqi, King of the Third Class or Farid Shawki was an Egyptian actor, film producer, screenwriter and civil servant. He had five children, Abir Shawki, Maha Shawki, Muna Shawki, Nahed Shawki and Rania Farid Shawqi.

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Farid al-Atrash

Farid al-Atrash (April 21, 1910 As-Suwayda-December 26, 1974 Beirut) also known as Farid El-Atrache, Farid El Atrache, King of the Oud, The Sad Singer or Farid Al Atrache was an Egyptian singer, musician, composer and actor.

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