Egyptian actors died because of Myocardial infarction

Here are 6 famous actors from Egypt died in Myocardial infarction:

Emad Hamdy

Emad Hamdy (November 25, 1909 Sohag-January 28, 1984 Cairo) also known as Mohamed Emad Eddine AbdelHamid Hamdi or Imad Hamdi was an Egyptian actor and film producer. His child is called Hesham Hamdy.

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Zaki Rostom

Zaki Rostom (March 5, 1903 Cairo-February 16, 1972 Cairo) also known as Zaki Moharram Mahmoud Rostom or زكي رستم was an Egyptian actor.

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Youssef Wahbi

Youssef Wahbi (July 17, 1902 Sohag Governorate-October 17, 1982 Cairo) also known as Youssef Wahby was an Egyptian film director and actor.

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Georges Guétary

Georges Guétary (February 8, 1915 Alexandria-September 13, 1997 Mougins) also known as Georges Guetary, Lambros Worloou or Georges Lambros was an Egyptian actor, opera singer, singer, dancer and cabaret artist. His children are called Helene Guetary and François Guétary.

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Abdallah Ghayth

Abdallah Ghayth (January 28, 1930 Al Sharqia Governorate-March 13, 1993 Egypt) a.k.a. Abdullah Gaith was an Egyptian actor. His children are called Adham Abdallah Ghayth, Abla Abdallah Ghayth and ElHusseiny Abdallah Ghayth.

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Fouad el-Mohandes

Fouad el-Mohandes (September 6, 1924 Abbassia-September 16, 2006 Cairo) also known as Fuad el-Mohandess or Fouad Zaki El-Mohandes was an Egyptian actor, singer, radio personality and film producer. He had three children, Ahmed el-Mohandes, Mohamed el-Mohandes and Habiba el-Mohandes.

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