New Zealand music stars who deceased at age 66

Here are 7 famous musicians from New Zealand died at 66:

Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford (August 30, 1871 Brightwater-October 19, 1937 Cambridge) also known as Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson or Lord Ernest Rutherford was a New Zealand physicist, chemist and scientist.

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Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser (August 28, 1884 Tain-December 12, 1950 Wellington) was a New Zealand politician and stevedore.

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Norman Lowther Edson

Norman Lowther Edson (March 1, 1904-May 12, 1970) also known as Norman Edson was a New Zealand scientist.

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William Reeves

William Reeves (February 10, 1825 Clapham-April 4, 1891 Opawa) was a New Zealand journalist.

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Tom Puna

Tom Puna (October 28, 1929 India-April 5, 1996) was a New Zealand personality.

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James Kelham

James Kelham (April 5, 1796-April 5, 1862) was a New Zealand personality.

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Dave Crowe

Dave Crowe (October 18, 1933 Blenheim-May 12, 2000 Auckland) was a New Zealand personality. His children are called Jeff Crowe and Martin Crowe.

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