English movie stars born in 1919

Here are 12 famous actors from England were born in 1919:

Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee (July 7, 1919 Chelsea-May 20, 1996 Sherman) a.k.a. John Devon Roland Pertwee, Jon Pertwer, The Tall Light Bulb, John Pertwee, John Devon Roland de Perthuis de Laillevault, John Devon Roland "Jon" Pertwee, John Devon Roland, Jon or Pertwee was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sean Pertwee and Dariel Pertwee.

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Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence (October 5, 1919 Worksop-February 2, 1995 Saint Paul de Vence) also known as Donald Henry Pleasence, Donald Pleasance, Don Pleasence, Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE or Donald Plesance was an English actor, soldier and voice actor. He had five children, Angela Pleasence, Miranda Pleasence, Lucy Pleasance, Polly Jo Pleasence and Jean Pleasence.

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Arthur English

Arthur English (May 9, 1919 Aldershot-April 16, 1995 Frimley Park Hospital) a.k.a. Arthur Leslie Norman English was an English comedian and actor. He had one child, Clare-Louise English.

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Graham Moffatt

Graham Moffatt (December 6, 1919 Hammersmith-July 2, 1965 Bath) also known as Graham Victor Harold Moffatt or Graham Moffat was an English actor and comedian.

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Michael Bilton

Michael Bilton (December 14, 1919 Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire-November 5, 1993 Berkhamsted) was an English actor.

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Frank Middlemass

Frank Middlemass (May 28, 1919 Eaglescliffe-September 8, 2006 Northwood, London) also known as Francis George Middlemass, Francis George ("Frank") Middlemass, Francis George "Frank" Middlemass or Frank was an English actor and soldier.

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Desmond Tester

Desmond Tester (February 17, 1919 London-December 31, 2002 Sydney) was an English actor and presenter. His children are called Jolyon Tester, Dermot Tester, Giles Tester, Toby Tester and Simon Tester.

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Michael Langham

Michael Langham (August 22, 1919 Bridgwater-January 15, 2011 Cranbrook) otherwise known as Michael Seymour Langham was an English actor, television director, film director and theatre director. He had one child, Chris Langham.

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Freddie Mills

Freddie Mills (June 26, 1919 Parkstone-July 25, 1965 London) also known as Freddie Mills Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Fearless Freddie or Frederick Percival Mills was an English professional boxer and actor.

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Noel Coleman

Noel Coleman (November 26, 1919 Leicester-October 12, 2007 England) also known as Noël Coleman was an English actor.

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Laurence Payne

Laurence Payne (June 5, 1919 London-February 23, 2009 London) otherwise known as Laurence Stanley Payne, Laurie Payne or Larry Two was an English actor and novelist.

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Bernard Spear

Bernard Spear (September 11, 1919 Croydon-May 9, 2003 London Borough of Sutton) was an English actor. He had one child, Julian Spear.

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