Argentine actors who were born in 1947

Here are 7 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1947:

Sky du Mont

Sky du Mont (May 20, 1947 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Caetano Bremme Gaspar Neven DuMont, Cayetano Neven du Mont, Sky Dumont, Kaietamo, Sky Neven du Mont, Guy Dumont, Sky Neven-Du Mont, Kai or Cay is an Argentine actor, voice actor and author. His children are called Justin Neven du Mont, Tara Neven du Mont and Fayn Neven du Mont.

Patricio Contreras

Patricio Contreras (December 15, 1947 Santiago-) also known as Alejandro, Patricio Alejandro Contreras Pavez or Pato is an Argentine actor. He has one child, Paloma Contreras Manso.

Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez (March 24, 1947 Buenos Aires-) also known as Jorge Martínez is an Argentine actor.

Antonio Tarragó Ros

Antonio Tarragó Ros (October 18, 1947 Curuzú Cuatiá-) a.k.a. Antonito, Tarragosito or Antonio Tarrago Ros is an Argentine musician, composer, film score composer and actor. His children are called Laura Ros and Irupé Tarragó Ros.

Claudio Rissi

Claudio Rissi (April 14, 1947 Monte Grande-) is an Argentine actor.

Jorge Marrale

Jorge Marrale (June 30, 1947 Barracas, Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor. His children are called Camila Marrale, Federico Marrale, Franco Marrale and Luciano Marrale.

Marcelo Oxenford

Marcelo Oxenford (September 21, 1947 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine actor. His children are called Juliana Oxenford and Lucía Oxenford.

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