English movie stars born in 1957

Here are 22 famous actors from England were born in 1957:

Ade Edmondson

Ade Edmondson (January 24, 1957 Bradford-) a.k.a. Adrian Charles Edmondson, Bad News, Ade Edmonton, Ade Edmondson, Ade Edmonson, Adrian Charles "Ade" Edmondson, Ade or Adrian Edmondson is an English film director, writer, comedian, actor, screenwriter, musician and presenter. He has three children, Beattie Edmondson, Freya Edmondson and Ella Edmondson.

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Keith Chegwin

Keith Chegwin (January 17, 1957 Bootle-) also known as Keith 'Cheggers' Chegwin, Cheggers or Chegwin, Keith is an English presenter, singer and actor. He has two children, Ted Chegwin and Rose Chegwin.

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Alex Jennings

Alex Jennings (May 10, 1957 Essex-) is an English actor. His children are called Ralph Jennings and Georgia Jennings.

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Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone (February 19, 1957 Homerton-) also known as Raymond Winstone, Ray, Winnie, Little Sugs, Ray Winston, Raymond Andrew Winstone or Raymond Andrew "Ray" Winstone is an English actor, voice actor, film producer and television producer. He has three children, Jaime Winstone, Lois Winstone and Ellie Rae Winstone.

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Gary Olsen

Gary Olsen (November 3, 1957 London-September 12, 2000 Melbourne) also known as Gary Olson was an English actor. He had two children, Jake Olsen and India Olsen.

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Peter Howitt

Peter Howitt (May 5, 1957 Manchester-) is an English film director, actor, television director, screenwriter and film producer. His children are called Luke Howitt and Amy Howitt.

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Christopher Quinten

Christopher Quinten (July 12, 1957 Middlesbrough-) also known as Christopher Bell, Chris Quintin or Chris Quinten is an English actor and dancer. He has two children, Jordan Alexandra Gibbons and Sydney Quinten.

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Ian Reddington

Ian Reddington (September 25, 1957 Sheffield-) is an English actor.

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Peter Vaughan-Clarke

Peter Vaughan-Clarke (June 11, 1957 Wandsworth-) is an English actor and key grip.

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Glen Murphy

Glen Murphy (April 6, 1957 West Ham-) a.k.a. Glen Murphy MBE is an English actor, photographer and film producer.

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Steven Pacey

Steven Pacey (June 5, 1957 Royal Leamington Spa-) is an English actor. His children are called Jessica Pacey and Laura Pacey.

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Trevor Harrison

Trevor Harrison (March 16, 1957 Stourbridge-) is an English actor.

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Dominic Jephcott

Dominic Jephcott (July 28, 1957 Coventry-) is an English actor.

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Philip Herbert

Philip Herbert (January 28, 1957 London-) also known as Phillip Herbert or Phil Herbert is an English actor and mime artist.

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Al Hunter Ashton

Al Hunter Ashton (June 26, 1957 Birmingham-April 27, 2007 High Wycombe) otherwise known as Al Ashton, Al Hunter, Alan Hunter, Alan Hunter-Ashton, Al Hunter-Ashton or Alun Nipper was an English actor and screenwriter. He had three children, Michael Hunter, Jay Hunter and Dale Hunter.

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Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke (August 21, 1957 St Helens-) otherwise known as Budgie, Peter Edward Clarke, Siouxsie and the Banshees or The Creatures is an English singer, drummer, musician, songwriter and actor.

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Mike Score

Mike Score (November 5, 1957 Yorkshire-) also known as Score, Mike, Michael Score or A Flock of Seagulls is an English songwriter, singer and actor.

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Porl Thompson

Porl Thompson (November 8, 1957 Wimbledon-) otherwise known as Paul Thompson, Thompson, Porl, Paul Stephen Thompson or Pearl Thompson is an English musician, artist, guitarist, visual artist and actor.

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Nick Wilton

Nick Wilton (March 8, 1957 Stalham-) otherwise known as Tony 'the Butler', Tony Deal the Conman, Tony the Conman, Tony Deal, Wilton or Tony the door-to-door salesman is an English actor. He has two children, Holly Wilton and Barnaby Wilton.

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Laurence Dale

Laurence Dale (September 10, 1957 Pyecombe-) also known as Dale, Laurence is an English actor and opera singer.

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Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison (February 7, 1957-) a.k.a. Andrew Stuart Harrison or Andy Harrison is an English actor.

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Sam Douglas

Sam Douglas (June 17, 1957 Banbury-) is an English actor and voice actor.

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