English movie stars born in 1927

Here are 10 famous actors from England were born in 1927:

Jonathan Routh

Jonathan Routh (November 24, 1927 Gosport-June 4, 2008 Jamaica) also known as Jonathan Reginald Surdeval Routh was an English presenter and actor.

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Kenneth Waller

Kenneth Waller (November 5, 1927 Huddersfield-January 28, 2000 London) a.k.a. Ken Waller or Waller, Kenneth was an English actor.

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Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas (April 26, 1927 Newcastle upon Tyne-December 18, 2008 Isle of Wight) also known as Jack Roberton or Alf Ippititimus was an English actor.

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Richard Bebb

Richard Bebb (January 12, 1927 London-April 12, 2006 London) also known as Richard Bebb Williams or Richard Edward Bebb Williams was an English actor and voice actor.

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Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson (May 31, 1927 Newcastle upon Tyne-) also known as Joseph William Robinson Harle, Tiger Joe Robinson, Joe Junior or Joseph Robinson Jr. is an English actor, stunt performer, wrestler and martial artist. He has one child, Polly Robinson.

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Brian Wilde

Brian Wilde (June 13, 1927 Ashton-under-Lyne-March 20, 2008 Ware, Hertfordshire) also known as Brian George Wilde was an English actor. His child is called Andrew Wilde.

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Charles Jarrott

Charles Jarrott (June 16, 1927 London-March 4, 2011 Woodland Hills) also known as Charles Jarrot was an English film director, actor, television director and television producer.

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Tony Steedman

Tony Steedman (August 21, 1927 England-February 4, 2001 England) otherwise known as Anthony Francis Steedman was an English actor. He had one child, David Steedman.

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John Hollis

John Hollis (November 12, 1927 Nottinghamshire-October 18, 2005 London) also known as Bertie Wyn Hollis was an English actor.

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John Carson

John Carson (February 28, 1927 Colombo-) is an English actor.

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