English movie stars born in 1980

Here are 12 famous actors from England were born in 1980:

Philip Olivier

Philip Olivier (June 4, 1980 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Philip Lee Borg-Olivier or Phil is an English actor and model.

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Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis (May 19, 1980 Poole-) is an English dancer and actor.

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Samuel Barnett

Samuel Barnett (April 25, 1980 Whitby-) is an English actor.

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Mark Watson

Mark Watson (February 13, 1980 Bristol-) is an English novelist, comedian, screenwriter and actor.

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Ben Way

Ben Way (September 28, 1980 Exeter-) is an English entrepreneur and actor.

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James Walsh

James Walsh (June 10, 1980 Chorley-) is an English singer, guitarist, musician, actor and songwriter.

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Thomas Nelstrop

Thomas Nelstrop (July 21, 1980 Hebden Bridge-) also known as Thom is an English actor.

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Samuel Roukin

Samuel Roukin (August 15, 1980 Southport-) also known as Sam Roukin is an English actor.

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Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew Wolfenden (May 5, 1980 Halifax-) is an English actor. He has one child, Buster Wolfenden.

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Kieran Bew

Kieran Bew (August 18, 1980 Hartlepool-) a.k.a. Keiren Bew is an English actor.

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Neil Fingleton

Neil Fingleton (December 18, 1980 Durham, England-) is an English basketball player and actor.

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Timothy Glanfield

Timothy Glanfield (June 9, 1980 Harlow-) also known as Tim Glanfield is an English actor, journalist and writer.

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