English movie stars born in 1926

Here are 8 famous actresses from England were born in 1926:

Charlotte Mitchell

Charlotte Mitchell (July 23, 1926 Ipswich-May 2, 2012 Chiswick) a.k.a. Edna Winifred Mitchell, Bunty or Charllotte Mitchel was an English actor. She had three children, Christopher Guard, Dominic Guard and Candy Guard.

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Jean Alexander

Jean Alexander (February 24, 1926 Toxteth-) also known as Jean Alexander Hodgkinson or Queen of the Street is an English actor.

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Patricia Cutts

Patricia Cutts (July 20, 1926 London-September 6, 1974 London) a.k.a. Pat Cutts or Patricia Wayne was an English actor.

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Pat Coombs

Pat Coombs (August 27, 1926 Camberwell-May 25, 2002 Northwood, London) otherwise known as Patricia Doreen Coombs, Pat Coombes or Patricia Doreen "Pat" Coombs was an English professional boxer and actor.

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Carol Marsh

Carol Marsh (May 10, 1926 Barton-March 6, 2010 London) otherwise known as Norma Simpson or Norma Lilian Simpson was an English actor.

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Margaret Barton

Margaret Barton (May 27, 1926 Finsbury Park, London-) also known as Maggie Barton is an English actor.

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Paddie O'Neil

Paddie O'Neil (May 1, 1926 Leominster-January 31, 2010 London) also known as Adalena Lillian Nail, Paddy O'Neil, Padie O'Neil or Paddie O'Neil OBE was an English actor and singer. Her children are called Gareth Marks and Danielle Marks.

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Diane Hart

Diane Hart (July 20, 1926 Bedford-February 7, 2002 London) also known as Diane Lavinia Hart was an English actor.

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