English movie stars born in 1947

Here are 13 famous actresses from England were born in 1947:

Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw (February 26, 1947 Dagenham-) also known as Sandy Shaw, Sandi Shaw, Sandra Ann Goodrich, Shaw, Sandie or Sandra Goodrich is an English singer, actor and psychotherapist. She has three children, Amie Powell, Jack Powell and Gracie Banks.

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Susan Sheridan

Susan Sheridan (June 17, 1947 Newcastle upon Tyne-) also known as Sue Sheridan is an English actor and voice actor. Her children are called Emily Stride, Alice Brittain and Olivia Brittain.

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Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll (June 8, 1947 London-) otherwise known as Julie Driscol, Driscoll, Julie or Julie Tippetts is an English singer and actor.

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Judy Loe

Judy Loe (March 6, 1947 Urmston-) a.k.a. Judith Loe, Judith M. Loe, Judy Beckinsale, Jude Beckinsale or Judith M. "Judy" Loe is an English actor. She has one child, Kate Beckinsale.

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Diane Langton

Diane Langton (May 31, 1947 Somerset-) otherwise known as the Rock Bottom Group or Diane Langfon is an English actor.

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Jenny Lee-Wright

Jenny Lee-Wright (February 21, 1947 London-) also known as The Sexiest Stooge, Jennie Lee Wright or Jenny Lee Wright is an English actor and foley artist.

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Lynn Dalby

Lynn Dalby (February 17, 1947 Harrogate-) is an English actor.

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Anna Calder-Marshall

Anna Calder-Marshall (January 11, 1947 Kensington-) is an English actor. She has one child, Tom Burke.

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Helen Morse

Helen Morse (January 24, 1947 Harrow on the Hill-) also known as H. Morse is an English actor.

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Di Trevis

Di Trevis (November 8, 1947 Birmingham-) a.k.a. Diane Trevis is an English theatre director, actor, author and teacher.

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Karen Kay

Karen Kay (July 18, 1947 Blackburn-) also known as Adrianne Judith Pringle or Judith Adrienne Pringle is an English comedian, actor and singer. She has two children, Jay Kay and David Cheetham.

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Susan Littler

Susan Littler (December 31, 1947 Sheffield-July 11, 1982 London) was an English actor.

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Sally Oldfield

Sally Oldfield (March 8, 1947 Dublin-) also known as Oldfield, Sally, Sally Natascha Oldfield or Sally Patricia Oldfield is an English film producer, actor, singer-songwriter and musician.

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