English movie stars died at 56

Here are 4 famous actresses from England died at 56:

Doreen Sloane

Doreen Sloane (February 24, 1934 England-April 8, 1990) was an English actor.

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Nellie Farren

Nellie Farren (April 16, 1848 England-April 29, 1904) was an English singer and actor.

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Briony McRoberts

Briony McRoberts (February 10, 1957 Welwyn Garden City-July 17, 2013 London) was an English actor and activist.

She died caused by suicide.

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Beryl Measor

Beryl Measor (April 22, 1908 Shanghai-February 8, 1965 London) was an English actor.

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