Italian movie actresses died in the year 1998

Here are 6 famous actresses from Italy died in 1998:

Assia Noris

Assia Noris (February 16, 1912 Saint Petersburg-January 27, 1998 Sanremo) also known as Anastasia Noris von Gerzfeld was an Italian actor.

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Germana Paolieri

Germana Paolieri (August 29, 1906 Florence-August 8, 1998 Montecatini Terme) a.k.a. Germaine Paolieri was an Italian actor.

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Marcella Rovena

Marcella Rovena (January 22, 1908 Conegliano-August 9, 1998 Rome) was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Clara Calamai

Clara Calamai (September 7, 1909 Prato-September 21, 1998 Rimini) otherwise known as Clara Mais was an Italian actor.

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Emma Danieli

Emma Danieli (October 14, 1936 Curtatone-June 21, 1998 Lugano) a.k.a. Emma Fretta or Emma Danielli was an Italian actor and tv personality. She had one child, Stella Morabito.

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Francesca Braggiotti

Francesca Braggiotti (October 17, 1902 Florence-February 25, 1998 Marbella) was an Italian dancer, dubber and actor. She had one child, Lily Lodge.

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