English movie stars died at 65

Here are 3 famous actresses from England died at 65:

Noele Gordon

Noele Gordon (December 25, 1919 East Ham-April 14, 1985 Birmingham) a.k.a. Joan Noele Gordon or Nolly was an English actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

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Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen (February 1, 1946 Liverpool-April 19, 2011 Southall) also known as Elisabeth Claira Heath Sladen, Elizabeth Sladen, Elisabeth Miller or Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen was an English actor and screenwriter. She had one child, Sadie Miller.

She died in cancer.

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Anthea Askey

Anthea Askey (March 2, 1933 Golders Green-February 28, 1999 Worthing) also known as Anthea Shirley Askey was an English actor.

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