English movie stars died in 1999

Here are 5 famous actresses from England died in 1999:

Mary Kerridge

Mary Kerridge (April 3, 1914 Islington-July 22, 1999 Windsor) also known as Mary Antoinette Kerridge or Mary Kerridge Counsell was an English actor. She had one child, Elizabeth Counsell.

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Anthea Askey

Anthea Askey (March 2, 1933 Golders Green-February 28, 1999 Worthing) also known as Anthea Shirley Askey was an English actor.

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Elspeth March

Elspeth March (March 5, 1911 Kensington-April 5, 1999 London Borough of Hillingdon) also known as Elspeth Mackenzie or Jean Elspeth Mackenzie was an English actor. Her children are called Jamie Granger and Lindsey Granger.

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Joan Kemp-Welch

Joan Kemp-Welch (September 23, 1906 Wimbledon-July 5, 1999 England) also known as Glory Vincent Green was an English actor, television director, television producer and film director.

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Joan Gardner

Joan Gardner (October 26, 1914 Chesham-September 17, 1999 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Joan Korda or Joan Gardener was an English actor. She had one child, David Korda.

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