English movie stars died in 2011

Here are 5 famous actresses from England died in 2011:

Anna Massey

Anna Massey (August 11, 1937 Thakeham-July 3, 2011 London) also known as Anna Massey OBE, Anna Raymond Massey, Anna Massey CBE or Anna Raymond Massey, CBE was an English actor. She had one child, David Huggins.

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Betty Driver

Betty Driver (May 20, 1920 Leicester-October 15, 2011 Cheadle) also known as Elizabeth Mary Driver was an English singer and actor.

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Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen (February 1, 1946 Liverpool-April 19, 2011 Southall) also known as Elisabeth Claira Heath Sladen, Elizabeth Sladen, Elisabeth Miller or Elisabeth Clara Heath-Sladen was an English actor and screenwriter. She had one child, Sadie Miller.

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Margaret Tyzack

Margaret Tyzack (September 9, 1931 Essex-June 25, 2011 Blackheath, London) also known as Margaret Maud Tyzack or Margaret Maud Tyzack, CBE was an English actor. Her child is called Matthew Stephenson.

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Sheila Burrell

Sheila Burrell (May 9, 1922 Blackheath, London-July 19, 2011 Kingston upon Thames) also known as Sheila Mary Burrell, Shelia Burrell or Shelia Burrrell was an English actor.

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