English actresses who died due to Breast cancer

Here are 6 famous actresses from England died in Breast cancer:

Lynn Redgrave

Lynn Redgrave (March 8, 1943 Marylebone-May 2, 2010 Kent) also known as Lynn Rachel Redgrave, Lynn Rachel Redgrave, OBE or Lynn Redgrave-Clark was an English actor, voice actor, singer and playwright. She had three children, Pema Clark, Annabel Lucy Clark and Benjamin Clark.

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Patsy Rowlands

Patsy Rowlands (January 19, 1931 Palmers Green-January 22, 2005 Hove) also known as Patricia Rowlands or The Cast was an English actor. She had one child, Alan Sircom.

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Irene Handl

Irene Handl (December 27, 1901 Maida Vale-November 29, 1987 Kensington) was an English actor and writer.

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Janet Davies

Janet Davies (September 14, 1927 Wakefield-September 22, 1986 Bromley) was an English actor.

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Karen Mayo-Chandler

Karen Mayo-Chandler (April 18, 1958 Sutton-July 11, 2006 Long Beach) a.k.a. Karen Mayo Chandler, Karen Mayo or Lindsay Taylor was an English actor and model.

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Vicki Brown

Vicki Brown (August 23, 1940 Liverpool-June 16, 1991 Henley-on-Thames) a.k.a. Vicky Brown or Brown, Vicki was an English singer and actor.

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