English musicians born in 1916

Here are 8 famous musicians from England were born in 1916:

John Reed

John Reed (February 13, 1916 Bishop Auckland-February 13, 2010) also known as Reed, John was an English singer and actor.

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Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose (May 9, 1916-November 21, 1996) was an English , .

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Douglas Guest

Douglas Guest (May 9, 1916-November 18, 1996) was an English conductor.

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Desmond Dupré

Desmond Dupré (December 19, 1916 London-August 16, 1974 Tonbridge) a.k.a. Dupré, Desmond was an English musician.

His albums include Shakespeare Songs.

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Cliff Townshend

Cliff Townshend (January 28, 1916-June 29, 1986) was an English musician, shopkeeper and saxophonist. His children are Pete Townshend, Simon Townshend and Paul Townshend.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Harold Fielding

Harold Fielding (December 4, 1916 Woking-September 27, 2003) was an English theatrical producer.

Genres he performed include Musical theatre.

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Brion Gysin

Brion Gysin (January 19, 1916 Taplow-July 13, 1986 Paris) a.k.a. Brion Gyson, Gysin, Brion or John Clifford Brian Gysin was an English artist, writer, poet, painter, visual artist and music artist.

His albums: Self-Portrait Jumping, Mektoub, Songs, The Pool K III and Live in London 1982.

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Hugh Gibb

Hugh Gibb (January 15, 1916 Manchester-March 6, 1992) a.k.a. Hugh Leslie Gibb or Hughie was an English drummer, musician and photographer. He had five children, Lesley Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Andy Gibb, Robin Gibb and Barry Gibb.

Genres he performed: Big Band.

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