English musicians born in 1983

Here are 24 famous musicians from England were born in 1983:

Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf (June 30, 1983 London-) also known as Wolf, Patrick is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

His most well known albums: The Libertine, Wind in the Wires, Tristan, Accident & Emergency, The Magic Position, The Magic Position, Wind in the Wires, Lycanthropy, The Patrick Wolf EP and The Bachelor. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Baroque pop, Electronic dance music, Folktronica and Indietronica.

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Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan (June 17, 1983 Chatham-) also known as Ryan, Lee or Ryan Coseboom is an English singer, songwriter and actor. He has two children, Rayn Ryan and Bluebell Ryan.

His albums: Lee Ryan, Turn Your Car Around and I Am Who I Am. His related genres: Pop music, Acoustic music, Soul music, Independent music and Contemporary R&B.

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Maui Taylor

Maui Taylor (June 28, 1983 Brighton-) also known as Maureen Anne Tupaz, Hot Babe ng Bayan or Maureen Rodriguez Taylor is an English model, actor and singer.

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Tom Welham

Tom Welham (May 14, 1983-) otherwise known as Welham, Tom is an English , .

Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Britpop, Indie rock, Piano rock, Soft rock, Dream pop and Post-Britpop.

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Remi Nicole

Remi Nicole (April 6, 1983 London-) also known as Nicole, Remi is an English singer.

Discography: My Conscience and I and Cupid Shoot Me. Genres she performed: Alternative rock, Acoustic music and Indie pop.

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Connie Fisher

Connie Fisher (June 17, 1983 Lisburn-) is an English actor and singer.

Her albums include Favourite Things and Secret Love. Genres: Pop music and Musical theatre.

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Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh (February 20, 1983 Burnham-on-Crouch-) a.k.a. kate_walsh or Walsh, Kate is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: Clocktower Park, Tim's House, Acoustic EP, Light & Dark, Peppermint Radio and The Real Thing. Genres: Indie rock, Acoustic music and Folk music.

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Jodi Albert

Jodi Albert (July 22, 1983 Chingford-) also known as Jodi Egan, Wonderland or Jodi Mary Egan is an English singer, actor, singer-songwriter and model. She has one child, Koa Albert.

Genres: Country, Folk music, Pop music, Teen pop, Pop rock and Dance music.

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Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison (May 30, 1983 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Jennifer Lesley Ellison or Jen is an English singer, actor, model, dancer and tv personality. She has one child, Bobby Tickle.

Her albums: Baby I Don't Care and Bye Bye Boy.

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Shystie (December 25, 1983 London Borough of Hackney-) also known as MC Shystie is an English songwriter, actor and rapper.

Her albums include Diamond in the Dirt and Make It Easy. Genres she performed: Grime, Electro, Hip hop music and UK Garage.

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Jamie Brooks

Jamie Brooks (July 8, 1983-) is an English keyboard player.

Genres related to her: Classical music, Progressive rock, Ska, Rock music, Pop music, Jazz, Funk and Fusion.

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Phuq (January 13, 1983-) is an English , .

Genres he performed: Breakcore, Intelligent dance music, Mainstream hardcore, Experimental music, Grime, Wonky and Gabber.

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Bill Ryder-Jones

Bill Ryder-Jones (August 10, 1983 Warrington-) also known as Ryder-Jones, Bill or William Edward Ryder-Jones is an English singer-songwriter, record producer and composer.

His discography includes: A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart and If.... His related genres: Soundtrack, Minimal music and Alternative rock.

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V V Brown

V V Brown (October 24, 1983 Northampton-) also known as Brown, VV is an English singer-songwriter, model and singer.

Her albums: Crying Blood, Travelling Like the Light, Children, Samson & Delilah and The Apple. Genres she performed include Contemporary R&B, Independent music, Soul music, Pop punk, Indie pop, Dance-punk and Rock and roll.

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Alex Templeton-Ward

Alex Templeton-Ward (June 9, 1983 City of Carlisle-) is an English songwriter, writer, musician, artist, singer, visual artist and music artist.

Genres related to him: Anti-folk, Outsider music, Blues rock, Psychedelic rock, Experimental rock, Progressive rock, Avant-garde music and Protopunk.

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Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle (April 15, 1983 Southampton-) also known as Matthew Sheridan "Matt" Cardle or Matthew Sheridan Cardle is an English songwriter, guitarist, painter, singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Letters, When Love Takes Over, Just the Way You Are, Bleeding Love, ...Baby One More Time, Nights in White Satin, When We Collide, Come Together, I Love Rock 'n' Roll and She's Always a Woman. Genres he performed include Pop rock, Pop music, Alternative rock and Indie pop.

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Benson Taylor

Benson Taylor (September 10, 1983 Bradford-) is an English composer.

Genres he performed: Film score, Hip hop music, Crossover, Classical music, Trip hop, Blues, Experimental music, Electronica and Post-industrial music.

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Akala (December 1, 1983 Crawley-) otherwise known as Kingslee Daley is an English songwriter, master of ceremonies, author, poet and rapper.

His most recognized albums: Freedom Lasso, The Edge, It's Not a Rumour, DoubleThink, Yours and My Children, A Little Darker, The Thieves Banquet, Lose Myself, Find No Enemy and . Genres: Alternative rock, Electro, Rock music, Grime and British hip hop.

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Rosie Smith

Rosie Smith (July 20, 1983 London-) is an English keyboard player and pianist.

Genres related to her: Funk, Rock music, Soul music, Extreme metal and Rock and roll.

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Georgina Callaghan

Georgina Callaghan (January 10, 1983-) also known as Callaghan is an English singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Look Around, Nothing You Say, Smile, Life in Full Colour and Callaghan Live in America. Genres she performed include Folk music and Pop music.

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James Pullen

James Pullen (May 19, 1983-) also known as Mista is an English record producer.

His albums include No Matter What / Lowlife's Theme, Falling in Love / She Lied, Drop, Pleasures / Brunt, Drop, From Memory (Matrix Remix) / I Feel Lol, Three Tunes, , {](-_-)[} and Trip. Genres: Dub, Drum and bass, Zouk, Electronica and Rave music.

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Professor Green

Professor Green (November 27, 1983 London Borough of Hackney-) a.k.a. Stephen Paul Manderson is an English rapper and singer-songwriter.

His albums include The Green Lectures, Volume 1, Alive Till I'm Dead, Monster, Just Be Good to Green (feat. Lily Allen), The Green EP, At Your Inconvenience, Jungle, Hard Night Out, Read All About It and I Need You Tonight. Genres related to him: Electronica, Grime, Electronic dance music, Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Dance music, Electronic music, UK Garage, Hip hop music, Rap rock and British hip hop.

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Robyn North

Robyn North (September 16, 1983-) is an English actor. Her child is called Charlie North.

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Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor (December 29, 1983 London-) also known as Taylor, Sean is an English bassist, musician, songwriter and composer.

His discography includes: Calcutta Grove, Angels, Walk With Me, Chase the Night, London and You'll Never Walk Alone / Silent Night.

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