Russian actors who were born in 1953

Here are 18 famous actors from Russia were born in 1953:

Valery Gergiev

Valery Gergiev (May 2, 1953 Moscow-) a.k.a. Валерий Гергиев, Валерий Абисалович Гергиев, Valeri Gergiev , V. Gergiev , Gergiev, Valery Abisalovich or Valery Abisalovich Gergiev PAR is a Russian conductor, music director and actor. He has four children, Abisal Gergiev , Valeriy Gergiev, Tamara Gergieva and Natalya Gergieva.

Aleksandr Abdulov

Aleksandr Abdulov (May 29, 1953 Tobolsk-January 3, 2008 Moscow) otherwise known as Aleksandr Gavrilovich Abdulov, A. Abdulov or Alexander Abdulov was a Russian actor, screenwriter, film director and voice actor. His children are called Eugenia Abdulova and Ksenia Alferova.

Sergei Astakhov

Sergei Astakhov (November 8, 1953 Krasnoslobodsky District-) also known as Sergei Valentinovich Astakhov, Serguei Astachov, Serguei Astakhov or Sergey Astakhov is a Russian cinematographer and actor.

Yuri Shlykov

Yuri Shlykov (February 28, 1953 Moscow-) also known as Yu. Shlykov or Yuri Veniaminovich Shlykov is a Russian actor.

Pavel Boriskin

Pavel Boriskin (January 19, 1953-) also known as Pavlik Boriskin or Pasha Boriskin is a Russian actor.

Aleksandr Atanesyan

Aleksandr Atanesyan (October 12, 1953 Tbilisi-) also known as Aleksandr Ashotovich Atanesyan, Alexander Atanesjan or Pyotr Ivanov is a Russian film producer, film director, screenwriter and actor.

Arkadiy Ukupnik

Arkadiy Ukupnik (February 18, 1953 Kamianets-Podilskyi-) also known as Ukupnik Arkadiy or Arkadi Ukupnik is a Russian film score composer, composer, actor, singer and music producer. He has three children, Grigoriy Lelchuk, Yunna Nikitina and Sonya Ukupnik.

Dmitriy Matveev

Dmitriy Matveev (March 12, 1953 Potsdam-) also known as Dmitri Nikolaevitch Matveyev, D. Matveyev or Dmitri Matveyev is a Russian actor and voice actor.

Viktor Avilov

Viktor Avilov (August 8, 1953 Moscow-August 21, 2004 Novosibirsk) a.k.a. Viktor Vasilyevich Avilov or V. Avilov was a Russian actor. His child is called Olga Avilova.

Vladimir Antonik

Vladimir Antonik (February 13, 1953 Slonim-) a.k.a. Vladimir Vladimirovich Antonik or V. Antonik is a Russian actor and voice actor. He has two children, Yevgeniy Antonik and Anna Antonik.

Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich

Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich (December 11, 1953 Moscow-) also known as Makarevich Andrej, Andrei Makarevich, Makarevich, Andrei, Andrey Makarevich, Андрей Макаревич & Квартал or Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich is a Russian singer, poet, writer, record producer, presenter, composer, actor and film score composer. He has three children, Ivan Makarevich, Dana Makarevich and Anna Makarevich.

Alexander Vaynshteyn

Alexander Vaynshteyn (September 1, 1953 Soviet Union-) is a Russian film producer, screenwriter and actor.

Igor Livanov

Igor Livanov (November 15, 1953 Kiev-) a.k.a. Igor Yevgenyevich Livanov is a Russian actor. He has three children, Olga Livanova, Andrei Livanov and Timofei Livanov.

Nikolai Kochegarov

Nikolai Kochegarov (August 28, 1953 Kandyagash-June 22, 2003 Moscow) was a Russian actor.

Pyotr Chernyayev

Pyotr Chernyayev (September 2, 1953 Moscow-) also known as P.Chernyayev is a Russian actor, film producer, screenwriter, film critic, film director, television presenter, radio personality, journalist, editor and teacher.

Gali Abajdulov

Gali Abajdulov (February 15, 1953 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Gali Abaydulov, Gali Myagazovich Abajdulov or tat Qali Abaydulov is a Russian actor, ballet master and ballet dancer.

Sergey Migitsko

Sergey Migitsko (April 23, 1953 Odessa-) also known as S. Migitsko or Sergei Migitsko is a Russian actor.

Lev Erenburg

Lev Erenburg (November 10, 1953 Novokuznetsk-) is a Russian actor and theatre director.

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