Famous movie actors born in the year 1911

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1911:

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 Tampico-June 5, 2004 Bel-Air) a.k.a. Ronald Wilson Reagan, The Gipper, The Teflon President, The Great Communicator, Ronnie, Dutch, Governor Reagan, Lt. Ronald Reagan, Governor Ronald Reagan, Elvis Reagan, President Reagan, Pres. Ronald Reagan, Sgt. Ronald Reagan, Ronald 'Dutch' Reagan, President Roanld Reagan, Rawhide or President Ronald Reagan was an American politician, actor, spokesperson, soldier, radio personality and lifeguard. His children are called Maureen Reagan, Patti Davis, Christine Reagan, Ron Reagan and Michael Reagan.

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Michael Hordern

Michael Hordern (October 3, 1911 Berkhamsted-May 2, 1995 Oxford) also known as Michael Murray Hordern, Sir Michael Hordern, Sir Michael Murray Hordern, Hordern or Sir Michael Murray Hordern, CBE was an English actor, voice actor, teacher, salesman and soldier. He had one child, Joanna Hordern.

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Daisuke Katō

Daisuke Katō (February 18, 1911 Asakusa, Tokyo-July 31, 1975) also known as Tokunosuke Katō, Katô Daisuke, Katō Tokunosuke, Ichikawa Enji, Daisake Kato or Gyû-chan was a Japanese actor. He had one child, Haruyuki Katō.

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Harry Andrews

Harry Andrews (November 10, 1911 Tonbridge-March 6, 1989 Salehurst) also known as Harry Fleetwood Andrews or Harry Fleetwood Andrews, CBE was a British singer and actor.

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Billy Sands

Billy Sands (January 6, 1911 Bergen-August 24, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Billie Sands, William F. Sands or William E. Sands was an American actor.

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Ronald Long

Ronald Long (January 30, 1911 London-October 23, 1986 Burbank) also known as Roland Long was an American actor.

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Vincent Price

Vincent Price (May 27, 1911 St. Louis-October 25, 1993 Los Angeles) also known as Vincent Leonard Price Jr., Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., Bink, King of the Grand Guignol, Renaissance Man or Merchant of menace was an American actor, voice actor, radio personality, presenter, writer and chef. He had two children, Victoria Price and Vincent Barrett Price.

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Whip Wilson

Whip Wilson (June 16, 1911 Granite City-October 22, 1964 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Roland Charles Meyers or Chip was an American actor.

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Howard Lang

Howard Lang (March 20, 1911 London-December 12, 1989 London) also known as Donald Yarranton was a British actor.

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John Harvey

John Harvey (September 27, 1911 London-July 19, 1982 Oxfordshire) was an English actor.

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Colin Gordon

Colin Gordon (April 27, 1911 Sri Lanka-October 4, 1972 Haslemere) otherwise known as Colin Fraser Gordon or Gordon was a British actor.

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Smiley Burnette

Smiley Burnette (March 18, 1911 Summum, Illinois-February 16, 1967 Encino) also known as Lester Alvin Burnett, Lester 'Smiley' Burnette, George 'Smiley' Burnette, Lester 'Smiley' Burnett, Ole Frog, Lester Alvin Burnette, 'Smiley' Burnette or Lester A. Burnett was an American actor, inventor, musician, singer-songwriter, restaurateur, composer and comedian. He had four children, Carolyn Burnette, Brian Burnette, Linda Burnette and Steven Burnett.

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Frank Nelson

Frank Nelson (May 6, 1911 Colorado Springs-September 12, 1986 Hollywood) also known as Frank Brandon Nelson was an American comedian, actor, voice actor and radio personality. His children are called Douglas Nelson and Bonnie Esther.

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Jorge Negrete

Jorge Negrete (November 30, 1911 Guanajuato-December 5, 1953 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno, George Negrete, El Charro Cantor or Jorge Negrete y Pedro Infante was a Mexican singer and actor. He had one child, Diana Negrete.

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Carlo Dapporto

Carlo Dapporto (June 26, 1911 Sanremo-October 1, 1989 Rome) was an Italian actor. He had two children, Massimo Dapporto and Dario Dapporto.

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Pietro De Vico

Pietro De Vico (February 21, 1911 Naples-December 10, 1999 Rome) otherwise known as Peter De Vico was an Italian actor.

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Elith Foss

Elith Foss (August 8, 1911 Aarhus-April 19, 1972 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Karl-Arne Holmsten

Karl-Arne Holmsten (August 14, 1911 Uppsala-February 22, 1995 Lidingö) was a Swedish actor. He had two children, My Holmsten and Björn Holmsten.

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Hans Nielsen

Hans Nielsen (November 30, 1911 Hamburg-October 11, 1965 Berlin) otherwise known as Hans Albert Nielsen or Harold Nielsen was a German actor and voice actor.

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Harald Heide Steen

Harald Heide Steen (January 11, 1911 Norway-January 3, 1980 Norway) was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Harald Heide-Steen Jr..

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Vladimir Yemelyanov

Vladimir Yemelyanov (June 20, 1911 Perm-July 4, 1975 Donetsk) also known as Wladimir Jemljanow, V. Yemelyanov, Roberto Martelli, Vladimir Nikolayevich Yemelyanov or Владимир Емельянов was a Soviet actor and film producer.

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Nikolai Kryuchkov

Nikolai Kryuchkov (January 6, 1911 Moscow-April 13, 1994 Moscow) also known as N. Kryuchkov, N. Krychkov, Nikolai Krjutschkow, Nikolai Afanassyevich Kryuchkov, Nikolay Kryuchkov or Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov was a Russian actor. His children are called Boris Kryuchkov, Nikolay Kryuchkov and Elvira Kryuchkova.

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Tadeusz Fijewski

Tadeusz Fijewski (July 14, 1911 Warsaw-November 12, 1978 Warsaw) also known as Tadzio Fijewski was a Polish actor.

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Leif Erickson

Leif Erickson (October 27, 1911 Alameda-January 29, 1986 Pensacola) also known as William Wycliff Anderson, William Y. Wycliffe Anderson, Glen Erickson, Glenn Erickson, Lief Erickson, Leif Erikson, Glenn Erikson, Erickson or William Wycliffe Anderson was an American actor, singer, musician and soldier. He had two children, Susan Irene Erickson and William Leif Erickson.

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Terry-Thomas (July 10, 1911 Finchley-January 8, 1990 Godalming) also known as Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens, Terry Thomas, Thos Stevens, Thomas Stevens, Big Moustache, Thomas Terry, Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens or Tom was a British actor, screenwriter, film producer and comedian. He had two children, Timothy Stevens and Cushan Stevens.

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Hume Cronyn

Hume Cronyn (July 18, 1911 London-June 15, 2003 Fairfield) a.k.a. Hume Blake Cronyn, Hume Cronin, Hume Blake Cronyn Jr. or Hume Blake Cronyn, OC was a Canadian actor, television producer and screenwriter. His children are called Christopher Cronyn and Tandy Cronyn.

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Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor (August 5, 1911 Filley-June 8, 1969 Saint John's Health Center) otherwise known as Spangler Arlington Brugh, Lt. Robert Taylor U.S.N.R., Lieut Robert Taylor USNR, The New King, "The Man with the Perfect Profile", Bob, Arly, Steve or Bill was an American actor. His children are called Tessa Taylor, Terrance Taylor, Michael Thiess and Manuela Thiess.

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Jean-Pierre Aumont

Jean-Pierre Aumont (January 5, 1911 Paris-January 30, 2001 Gassin) also known as Pierre Aumont, Jean Pierre Aumont, Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons or Jean-Pierre Salomons was a French actor, screenwriter, soldier and playwright. He had three children, Patrick Aumont, Jean-Claude Aumont and Tina Aumont.

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Lee J. Cobb

Lee J. Cobb (December 8, 1911 The Bronx-February 11, 1976 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Leo Jacoby, Lee Jacoby, Lee Colt, Cpl. Lee Cobb, Lee Cobb, Leo Jacob or Leo Joachim Jacoby IV was an American actor. His child is called Julie Cobb.

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Kirby Grant

Kirby Grant (November 24, 1911 Butte-October 30, 1985 Brevard County) also known as Kirby Grant Hoon Jr., Kirby Grant and His Orchestra, Robert Stanton or Kirby Grant Hoon, Jr. was an American actor, singer-songwriter and musician. His child is called Kirby Grant, III.

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Stephen McNally

Stephen McNally (July 29, 1911 New York City-June 4, 1994 Beverly Hills) also known as Horace Vincent McNally, Horace 'Stephen' McNally, Steve McNally, Horace McNally, Steve or Horace McMally was an American lawyer and actor.

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Eddie Byrne

Eddie Byrne (January 31, 1911 Birmingham-August 21, 1981 Dublin) was an Irish actor. He had one child, Catherine Byrne.

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Mark Bernes

Mark Bernes (September 8, 1911 Nizhyn-August 16, 1969 Moscow) otherwise known as Mark Naumovič Bernes or Bernes, Mark was a Soviet singer and actor.

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Will Rogers, Jr.

Will Rogers, Jr. (October 20, 1911 New York City-July 9, 1993 Tubac) also known as William Vann Rogers, Bill or William Vann "Bill" Rogers was an American writer, politician and actor.

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Jim Bannon

Jim Bannon (April 9, 1911 Kansas City-July 28, 1984 Ventura) a.k.a. James Bannon, John Bannon, Jim 'Red' Bannon or James Shorttel Bannon was an American actor. He had two children, Jack Bannon and Maggie Bannon.

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Patric Knowles

Patric Knowles (November 11, 1911 Horsforth-December 23, 1995 Woodland Hills) also known as Reginald Lawrence Knowles or Pat was a British actor and author.

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Alex McCrindle

Alex McCrindle (August 3, 1911 Glasgow-April 20, 1990 Edinburgh) also known as Alex McCringle or Alex McGrindle was a Scottish actor and film producer.

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Alec Jason

Alec Jason (July 13, 1911 London-October 2, 2000 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Alexander Jason was an English actor. He had one child, Harvey Jason.

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Ribeirinho (September 21, 1911 Lisbon-February 7, 1984 Lisbon) also known as Francisco Ribeiro or Francisco Carlos Lopes Ribeiro was a Portuguese film director, actor and screenwriter. His child is called Maria Manuel Ribeiro.

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Reed Hadley

Reed Hadley (June 25, 1911 Petrolia-December 11, 1974 Los Angeles) also known as Reed Bert Herring, Reed Herring or Reed Bert Hadley was an American actor and voice actor. He had one child, Dale Hadley.

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Zheng Junli

Zheng Junli (December 6, 1911 Shanghai-April 23, 1969 Shanghai) also known as Junli Zheng, Zhèng Jūnlǐ, Jun-li Zheng, 鄭君里, 郑君里, ZHENG Junli, Zheng Jun-Li or Cheng Kwan-Lee was a Chinese film director and actor. He had one child, Zheng Dali.

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Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers (November 5, 1911 Cincinnati-July 6, 1998 Apple Valley) also known as Leonard Franklin Slye, Len, Dick Weston, Len Slye, Len Sly, Leonard Slye, Buck, King of the Cowboys, King of the West or Sons Of The Pioneers was an American singer, actor and television producer. His children are called Roy Rogers Jr., Linda Lou Rogers, Robin Rogers, Cheryl Darlene Rogers, Little Doe Rogers, Sandy Rogers, Mimi Rogers and Debbie Rogers.

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Paavo Hukkinen

Paavo Hukkinen (October 27, 1911 Hanover-June 7, 1988 Helsinki) otherwise known as Paul Yrjö Untamo Hukkinen or Paul Hukkinen was a German actor.

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Rafael Durán

Rafael Durán (December 15, 1911 Madrid-February 12, 1994 Seville) a.k.a. Rafael Duran or Rafael Durán Espayaldo was a Spanish actor. His child is called María Durán.

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Alfredo Mayo

Alfredo Mayo (May 17, 1911 Barcelona-May 19, 1985 Palma, Majorca) a.k.a. Alfredo Fernández Martínez, Alfredo Majo, Alfred Mayo, Alfred May or Alfredo Fernandez Martinez was a Spanish actor and military officer.

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Bill Dillard

Bill Dillard (July 20, 1911 Pennsylvania-January 16, 1995 Manhattan) also known as Dillard, Bill or William Dillard was an American singer, actor and trumpeter.

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Erik Hell

Erik Hell (August 11, 1911 Uusimaa Province-March 11, 1973 Solna) also known as Eric Hell was a Swedish actor. He had two children, Johan Hell and Krister Hell.

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Spec O'Donnell

Spec O'Donnell (April 9, 1911 Fresno-October 14, 1986 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Walter O'Donnell, Walter 'Speck' O'Donnell, Speck O'Donnell, Walter 'Spec' O'Donnell, 'Spec' O'Donnell or Spec was an American actor.

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Henry Kulky

Henry Kulky (August 11, 1911 Hastings-on-Hudson-February 12, 1965 Oceanside) also known as Bomber Kulkovich, Henry 'Bomber' Kulky, Henry 'Bomber' Kulkovich, Henry Kulkowich, Bomber, Henry Kulakowich, Henry Kulkovich or Bomber Kulkavich was an American actor and wrestler.

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Rusty Wescoatt

Rusty Wescoatt (August 2, 1911 Maui-September 3, 1987 Los Angeles) also known as Norman Wescoatt, N.E. 'Rusty' Wescoatt or Rusty Westcoatt was an American actor.

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