Famous movie actors born in the year 1959

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1959:

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey (July 26, 1959 South Orange-) also known as Kevin Spacey Fowler or Kevin Spacey, CBE is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, film director, television producer, voice actor and theatre director.

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Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy (July 12, 1959 Brooklyn-) also known as Charles Murphy, Charles Q. Murphy, Charles Quinton Murphy, Charles Quinton "Charlie" Murphy, Charles O. Murphy, Omar or Charlie is an American actor, voice actor, screenwriter, comedian, soldier and writer.

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Bradley Whitford

Bradley Whitford (October 10, 1959 Madison-) also known as Brad Whitford is an American actor, television producer and screenwriter. He has three children, Mary Louisa Whitford, Frances Genevieve Whitford and George Edward Whitford.

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Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont (January 28, 1959 Montbéliard-) also known as Frank A. Darabont, Ardeth Bey, Frank Arpad Darabont, Darabont Ferenc or Ferenc Darabont is an American film director, screenwriter, film producer, television director, actor and television producer.

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John McEnroe

John McEnroe (February 16, 1959 Wiesbaden-) otherwise known as John Patrick McEnroe, Jr., Super Brat, Johnny, Johnny Mac or John Patrick McEnroe Jr. is an American talk show host, tennis player, commentator and actor. He has five children, Sean McEnroe, Emily McEnroe, Kevin McEnroe, Anna McEnroe and Ava McEnroe.

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Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames (May 12, 1959 New York City-) a.k.a. Irving Christopher "Ving" Rhames, Irving Rameses Rhames, Irving "Ving" Rhames, Ving, Irving Rameses "Ving" Rhames, Rhames or Irving Rhames is an American actor, film producer, television producer and voice actor. He has two children, Reign Beau Rhames and Freedom Rhames.

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Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny (February 8, 1959 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor. He has one child, Cameron Czerny.

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Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev (January 6, 1959 Chandigarh-) otherwise known as Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj, Indian Cricketer of the Century, Shri Kapil Dev or Kapildev Ramlal Nikhanj is an Indian actor, coach and cricketer. He has one child, Amiya Dev.

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John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley (August 3, 1959 New York City-) also known as Johnny C, John Christopher McGinley, John McGinley or John C. Mc Ginley is an American actor, film producer, comedian, author, voice actor, entrepreneur, screenwriter and spokesperson. His children are called Billie Grace McGinley, Kate Aleena McGinley and Max McGinley.

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Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann (January 27, 1959 New York City-) a.k.a. Keith Olberman or Keith Theodore Olbermann is an American journalist, commentator, tv personality, sports commentator and actor.

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Bob Paris

Bob Paris (December 14, 1959 Columbus-) a.k.a. Robert Clark Paris is an American writer, model, bodybuilder and actor.

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Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson (October 24, 1959 Tucson-) is an American actor.

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Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer (April 10, 1959 Massapequa-) also known as Brain Setzer, Setzer, Brian or Brian Robert Setzer is an American guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter and actor. His child is called Cody Setzer.

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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams (November 5, 1959 Kingston-) also known as Brian Adams, Adams, Bryan, Bryan Guy Adams, bryan_adams or Bryan Guy Adams, OC OBC is a Canadian photographer, musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, film score composer and social activist. His children are called Lula Rosylea Adams and Mirabella Bunny Adams.

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Fabio Lanzoni

Fabio Lanzoni (March 15, 1959 Milan-) otherwise known as Fabio, Little Fabio or Fabulous Fabio is an Italian model, actor, author and spokesperson.

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Gene Banks

Gene Banks (May 15, 1959 Philadelphia-) also known as Eugene Lavon "Gene" Banks or Eugene Banks is an American basketball player and actor.

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Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner (October 3, 1959 Washington-) also known as Peter John Wagner, Jack P. Wagner, Peter John "Jack" Wagner, II or Peter John Wagner, II is an American singer, actor and musician. He has three children, Peter Wagner, Harrison Wagner and Kerry Wagner.

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Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash (July 9, 1959 Detroit-) also known as Diesel, Kevin Scott Nash, Vinny Vegas, Oz, Big Daddy Cool, The Giant Killa, The Sexecutioner, Big Sexy, The Outsiders, Steel, Master Blaster, Vinnie Vegas, (Master Blaster) Steel, Chet Lemon, The Big Man or The Silver Fox is an American wrestler, actor, basketball player and soldier. He has one child, Tristen Nash.

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Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson (August 14, 1959 Lansing-) also known as Earvin Magic Johnson, Earvin Johnson, Earvin Johnson, Jr., Earvin 'Magic' Johnson Jr., Magic, Buck, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson' or Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr. is an American talk show host, basketball player, actor, film producer, athlete, entrepreneur, television producer and basketball coach. His children are called Earvin III Johnson, Elisa Johnson and Andre Johnson.

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Marc Wallice

Marc Wallice (October 3, 1959 United States of America-) a.k.a. Don Weber, Marc Stephen Goldberg, Marc Wallic, Don Webber, Mark Goldberg, Mark Wallis, Marc Wallace, Mark Wallace, Mark Butler, Mark Gold, Marc Goldberg, Jay B. David, Marc Gold, Mark Wallice, Mark C. Gold or Gold is an American pornographic film actor, film director and actor.

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Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel (May 14, 1959 Tlemcen-) a.k.a. Maurice Benguigui, Patrick Maurice Benguigui, Maurice Bruel-Benguigui, Patrick Benguigui or Patrick Bruel-Benguigui is a French singer, actor, professional poker player and composer. He has two children, Oscar Bruel and Léon Bruel.

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Per Gessle

Per Gessle (January 12, 1959 Halmstad-) also known as Thomas Nyberg, Son of a Plumber, Peer Gessle, Bad Hair Day, PG, Roxette, Gyllene Tider or Per Håkan Gessle is a Swedish singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, singer-songwriter and actor. He has one child, Gabriel Titus Gessle.

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Randy Travis

Randy Travis (May 4, 1959 Marshville-) also known as Randy Bruce Traywick, Randolph Bruce Traywick or Randy Ray is an American singer-songwriter, actor, musician, singer and songwriter.

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Steve Strange

Steve Strange (May 28, 1959 Newbridge-) a.k.a. Steven John Harrington, Strange, Steve or Steve John Harrington is a British singer, actor and businessperson.

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Robert Smith

Robert Smith (April 21, 1959 Blackpool-) also known as Robert James Smith, Smith, Robert, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Robin or Rob is a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, organist, actor, lyricist and keyboard player.

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Luc Besson

Luc Besson (March 18, 1959 Paris-) is a French film director, film producer, screenwriter, television producer, actor, cinematographer and writer. He has five children, Shanna Besson, Juliette Besson, Mao Besson, Talia Besson and Satine Besson.

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Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie (June 11, 1959 Oxford-) also known as James Hugh Calum Laurie, Hugh 'Struck by a' Lorry, Laurie, James Hugh Calum Laurie, OBE, Mr. Hugh Laurie or Fry and Laurie is a British actor, comedian, musician, voice actor, screenwriter, television producer, television director, singer, author and writer. He has three children, Charles Archibald Laurie, William Albert Laurie and Rebecca Augusta Laurie.

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Brian Williams

Brian Williams (May 5, 1959 Ridgewood-) otherwise known as Brian Douglas Williams or Williams Brian is an American journalist, firefighter, actor, editor and voice actor. He has two children, Allison Williams and Douglas Williams.

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Gavin Friday

Gavin Friday (October 8, 1959 Dublin-) also known as Fionan Martin Hanvey, Fionán Martin Hanvey or Mr. Gavin Friday is an Irish musician, record producer, actor, singer-songwriter, painter and composer.

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"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic (October 23, 1959 Downey-) also known as Alfred Matthew Yankovic, Alfred Yankovic, Weird Al Yankovic, "Weird" Al Yankovic, "Wierd Al" Yankovic, ワイアード・アル・ヤンコヴィック, Wierd Al Yankovic, 'Weird Al' Yankovic, ''Weird Al'' Yankovic, Weird Al Yankovich, Yankovic Weird Al, Weird Al, Yankovic, Weird Al, Alfred, Al Yankovic, The Weird One, The Boneless Boy or Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic is an American singer, musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, television producer, actor, keytarist, music video director, film director, composer, comedian, satirist, television director and screenwriter. He has one child, Nina Yankovic.

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Bernard Fowler

Bernard Fowler (January 2, 1959 New York City-) also known as Barsheem Bernard Fowler is an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor and record producer.

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Lester Holt

Lester Holt (March 8, 1959 Marin County-) a.k.a. Lester D. Holt, Lester Steven Holt or Lester Don Holt Jr. is an American journalist, musician, actor and newscaster. He has two children, Stefan Holt and Cameron Holt.

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Tim Horner

Tim Horner (August 19, 1959 Morristown-) also known as Timothy Horner, Star Blazer, Kendo the Samurai or White Lightning is an American wrestler and actor.

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Jim Ward

Jim Ward (May 19, 1959 New York City-) a.k.a. James Ward, James K. Ward, James Kevin Ward, James M. Ward, James Kevin "Jim" Ward or Jim is an American actor, voice actor and radio personality.

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Tim Van Patten

Tim Van Patten (June 10, 1959 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Christopher Van Patten, Timmy Van Patten, Timothy Van Patten or Tim van Patten is an American television director, actor, television producer and screenwriter.

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Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold (March 6, 1959 Ottumwa-) also known as Thomas Arnold, Thomas Duane Arnold, Mr. Tom Arnold, Tom, Thomas Dwaine Arnold or Thomas Duane "Tom" Arnold is an American actor, screenwriter, film producer, comedian, presenter, television producer and voice actor. His child is called Jax Copeland Arnold.

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Guy Ecker

Guy Ecker (February 9, 1959 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Guy Frederick Ecker is an American actor. His children are called Jon Ecker, Liam Ecker, Sofia Ecker and Kaelan Ecker.

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Tom Amandes

Tom Amandes (March 9, 1959 Richmond-) a.k.a. Thomas Amandes is an American actor, television director and theatre director. He has three children, Meg Amandes, Nia Amandes and Ben Amandes.

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Clint Howard

Clint Howard (April 20, 1959 Burbank-) also known as Clinton E. Howard, Clinton Howard or Clinton E. "Clint" Howard is an American actor, voice actor and musician.

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Phil Morris

Phil Morris (April 4, 1959 Iowa City-) also known as Phillip Morris or Philip Morris is an American actor and voice actor. He has two children, Jordan Morris and Rachel Morris.

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Max Cantor

Max Cantor (May 15, 1959 New York City-October 3, 1991 New York City) a.k.a. Michael 'Max' Cantor was an American journalist and actor.

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Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram (October 13, 1959 Cootamundra-) also known as Ian Pygrim, Wayne Pygrim or Wayne Pigram is an Australian actor and drummer.

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Neil Pearson

Neil Pearson (April 27, 1959 London-) otherwise known as Neil Joshua Pearson is an English actor.

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Ben Elton

Ben Elton (May 3, 1959 Fitzrovia-) also known as Benjamin Charles Elton, Mr. Ben Elton or Elton, Ben is an English novelist, writer, comedian, television director, playwright, television producer, stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, author and film director. He has three children, Bert Elton, Lottie Elton and Fred Elton.

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Todd Graff

Todd Graff (October 22, 1959 Manhattan-) is an American screenwriter, actor, film producer and film director.

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Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay (October 8, 1959 Buffalo-) a.k.a. Shaggy, Nicholas Bakay or Nicholas "Nick" Bakay is an American writer, comedian, sports commentator, actor, voice actor, screenwriter and television producer.

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Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes (August 9, 1959 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor.

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Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe (October 21, 1959 Koide-) also known as Watanabe Ken, Kensaku Watanabe, Ken or Watanabe Kensaku is a Japanese actor. His children are called Dai Watanabe and Anne Watanabe.

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Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman (June 22, 1959 Los Angeles-) is an American writer, comedian, screenwriter, actor, author and musician.

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Vincent Irizarry

Vincent Irizarry (November 12, 1959 Queens-) a.k.a. Vincent Michael Irizarry or Vince Irizarry is an American actor. He has four children, Siena Sophia Irizarry, Elias Irizarry, Aria Irizarry and Ash Harris Irizarry.

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