Famous movie actors born in the year 1965

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1965:

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan (November 2, 1965 New Delhi-) a.k.a. SRK, King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Shahrukh khan, شاہ رخ خان, The King of Bollywood, The King Of Romance, The Tom Cruise of India, Shahrukh, The Badshah of Bollywood, King of Bollywood, The Baadshah of Bollywood, King Of Romance, Shahrukh Khan filmography, Shah Rukh, 沙鲁克汗, シャールクカーン, Шахрукх Кхан, ข่านชาห์รุข, Badshah of Bollywood or The 2nd King of Romance is an Indian actor, film producer, presenter and voice actor. He has three children, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan.

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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. (April 4, 1965 Manhattan-) otherwise known as Robert Downey, Jr., Robert John Downey, Jr., Robert John Downey, Jr, Bob Downey, Robert Downey, RDJ, Bob, Robert John Downey Jr or Robert Downey Jr is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, singer-songwriter and comedian. He has two children, Indio Falconer Downey and Exton Elias Downey.

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan (March 14, 1965 Mumbai-) also known as Mr.Perfectionist, Aamir Hussain Khan, A.K., AK, Tom Hanks of India, Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, Master Aamir or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is an Indian film producer, actor, film director, screenwriter and television producer. His children are called Ira Khan, Junaid Khan and Azad Rao Khan.

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Srđan Todorović

Srđan Todorović (March 28, 1965 Belgrade-) also known as Srdjan Todorovic, Срђан Тодоровић, Danica Todorovic, Dana, Zika, Zika Todorovic, Srdjan Zika Todorovic, Srdan Todorovic or Srđan "Žika" Todorović is a Serbian musician and actor.

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Santiago Segura

Santiago Segura (July 17, 1965 Carabanchel-) otherwise known as Santiago Segura Silva or Sonny Da Silva is a Spanish actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter, voice actor and songwriter. He has two children, Calma Segura and Sirena Segura.

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Ardal O'Hanlon

Ardal O'Hanlon (October 8, 1965 Carrickmacross-) also known as Ardal O'Hanlan is an Irish novelist, actor, stand-up comedian, comedian and screenwriter. His children are called Emily O'Hanlon, Rebecca O'Hanlon and Redmond O'Hanlon.

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan (December 27, 1965 Indore-) a.k.a. Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, Salllman Khan, Sallu, The Real King of Bollywood, Salman Bhai and family, Dabangg, Tiger, Sallu Mia, Sallu Bhai, The Sylvester Stallone of India, Bhaijan, Bollywood's "bad boy", Dabangg Khan, Blockbuster Khan, Rambo of India, The New King of Bollywood, Tiger Khan, Salman Tiger Khan, Tiger Salman, Muscle Khan or Supreme Khan is an Indian actor, presenter, film producer, model and philanthropist.

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John Newton

John Newton (December 29, 1965 Chapel Hill-) a.k.a. John Haymes, John H. Newton or John Haymes Newton is an American actor and model.

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Atul Kulkarni

Atul Kulkarni (September 10, 1965 Belgaum-) is an Indian actor.

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David Wenham

David Wenham (September 21, 1965 Marrickville-) also known as Daisy is an Australian actor, voice actor and film producer. His children are called Millie Wenham and Eliza Jane Wenham.

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Joe Torry

Joe Torry (September 28, 1965 St. Louis-) also known as Joseph Pierre Torry or Joe Torre is an American comedian, actor, singer, rapper and entrepreneur. He has three children, Joseph Torry II, Kameron Torry and Nevaeh Autumn Torry.

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Dougray Scott

Dougray Scott (November 25, 1965 Glenrothes-) also known as Stephen Scott, Stephen Dougray Scott, Dougary Scott or Douglas Raymond Stephen Scott is a British actor, voice actor and film producer. His children are called Gabriel Trevis Scott and Eden Trevis Scott.

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Rhys Muldoon

Rhys Muldoon (October 17, 1965 Newcastle-) also known as Ryhs Muldoon is an Australian actor. He has one child, Lottie Muldoon.

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Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok (October 26, 1965 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 郭富城, ³¢´I«°, Kwok, Aaron, Fu Shing Kwok, Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing, Kwok Fu-Sing, Guo Fucheng, Fucheng Guo, Arron Kwok, Fu-Sing Kwok, Aaron Kwok Fu Shing, Kwok Fu Shing, Sing Sing, Kwok Fu-shing, Gwok3 Fu3 Sing4, Guō Fùchéng or Aaron Kwok Fu-shing is a Hongkongese singer, actor and dancer.

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Paudge Behan

Paudge Behan (January 18, 1965-) otherwise known as Paudge Rodger Behan is an Irish writer and actor.

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Milind Soman

Milind Soman (November 4, 1965 Scotland-) is an Indian model and actor.

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Bradford Tatum

Bradford Tatum (March 29, 1965 California-) also known as Bradford Steven Tatum or Brad Tatum is an American actor, television director and author. His child is called Sophia Tatum.

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Douglas Henshall

Douglas Henshall (November 19, 1965 Glasgow-) also known as Douglas James Henshall, Doug Henshall or Dougie Henshall is a British actor.

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Michael Tierney

Michael Tierney (January 24, 1965 Hollywood-) also known as Joe Blow or Mike is an American actor and pornographic film actor.

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Reginald Ballard

Reginald Ballard (October 13, 1965 Galveston-) also known as Reg Ballard is an American comedian and actor.

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James Tupper

James Tupper (August 4, 1965 Dartmouth-) a.k.a. Jimmy or James Howard Tupper is a Canadian actor and screenwriter. He has one child, Atlas Heche Tupper.

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John Bolton

John Bolton (December 29, 1965 Rochester-) is an American actor.

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Alexander Siddig

Alexander Siddig (November 21, 1965 Sudan-) also known as Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderahman Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Karim El Mahdi, Siddig El Fadil or Sid is a Sudanese actor and television director. He has one child, Django El Tahir El Siddig.

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Andy Dick

Andy Dick (December 21, 1965 Charleston-) also known as Andrew R. Dick, Andrew Dick, Andrew Roane Dick, Andrew Roane "Andy" Dick, Andy or Andrew Ryan Dick is an American comedian, musician, actor, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, television director and voice actor. He has three children, Meg Dick, Lucas Dick and Jacob Dick.

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Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright (December 7, 1965 Washington, D.C.-) is an American actor. He has two children, Elijah Wright and TK Wright.

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Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar (April 30, 1965 Pittsfield-) otherwise known as Adrian Kayvan Pasdar is an American actor, film director, voice actor and guitarist. He has two children, Jackson Slade Pasdar and Beckett Finn Pasdar.

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Tom Fridley

Tom Fridley (February 15, 1965 United States of America-) also known as Tommy Fridley is an American actor.

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Bowie Lam

Bowie Lam (September 4, 1965 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Bowie Lam Bo-Yee, Lín Bǎoyí, Lam4 Bou2 Ji4, God of Songs or Bo-Yee Lam is a Chinese singer, actor and rapper.

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Darren Dalton

Darren Dalton (February 9, 1965 Powell-) also known as Darren Jack Dalton is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer.

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Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer (April 16, 1965 New York City-) a.k.a. Jonathan Niven Cryer, Jon, John Cryer, Jon Niven Cryer or Jonathan Niven "Jon" Cryer is an American actor, screenwriter, film producer, television director, film director and voice actor. His children are called Charlie Austin Cryer and Daisy Cryer.

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Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy (October 11, 1965 Nagpur-) otherwise known as Ronit Bose Roy is an Indian actor and businessperson. He has three children, Aador Roy, Agasthya Bose Roy and Ona Roy.

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Coyote Shivers

Coyote Shivers (September 24, 1965 Toronto-) also known as Francis Coyote Shivers is a Canadian musician, actor and singer.

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Tony Wegas

Tony Wegas (May 3, 1965 Oberschützen-) also known as Anton Hans Sarkozi or Anton Hans Sarközi is an Austrian actor and singer.

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Rudolf von Waldenfels

Rudolf von Waldenfels (April 26, 1965 Jülich-) is a German actor and writer.

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Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky (September 22, 1965 New York City-) a.k.a. Daniel Bucatinsky is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, television director and television producer. He has two children, Eliza Bucatinsky and Jonah Bucatinsky.

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Tracy Letts

Tracy Letts (July 4, 1965 Tulsa-) is an American screenwriter, playwright and actor.

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Paul Ben-Victor

Paul Ben-Victor (July 24, 1965 Brooklyn-) also known as Paul Friedman, Paul Benvictor or Paul Ben Victor is an American actor, film producer and writer.

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Mason Reese

Mason Reese (April 11, 1965 Los Angeles-) is an American actor.

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Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen (September 3, 1965 New York City-) a.k.a. Carlos Irwin Estévez, Charles Sheen, Carlos Irwin Estevez, Good Time Charlie, The Machine, Chuckles, Carlos Estevez or The Warlock from Mars is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, television producer, television director and film director. He has five children, Cassandra Jade Estevez, Sam Sheen, Lola Rose Sheen, Bob Sheen and Max Sheen.

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Luis José Santander

Luis José Santander (April 8, 1965 United States of America-) also known as Luis Jose Santander is an American actor.

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Måns Herngren

Måns Herngren (April 20, 1965 Stockholm-) also known as Måns Härngren or Härngren, Måns is a Swedish film director, actor, television director and screenwriter. He has two children, Noa Månfare Herngren and Saga Herngren.

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Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee (February 1, 1965 Oakland-March 31, 1993 Wilmington) also known as Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor and martial artist.

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Michael Brainard

Michael Brainard (November 23, 1965 Hollywood-) also known as Michael S. Brainard is an American actor.

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Ricky Paull Goldin

Ricky Paull Goldin (January 5, 1965 San Francisco-) a.k.a. Richard Paull Goldin, Ricky Paul, Ricky Paull, Ricky G. Paull or Richard "Ricky" Paull Goldin is an American actor, television producer, television director and presenter. He has one child, Kai Rei Goldin.

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Jon Hensley

Jon Hensley (August 26, 1965 Browns Mills-) also known as Jonny is an American actor, songwriter and singer. He has three children, Sophie Hensley, Spencer Hensley and Georgia Grace Hensley.

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Timothy Stickney

Timothy Stickney (January 31, 1965 Wilmington-) a.k.a. Timothy D. Stickney is an American actor.

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Rick Hearst

Rick Hearst (January 4, 1965 Howard Beach-) also known as Richard Charles Hearst, Richard C. Hearst, Richard Charles Herbst, Richard Hearst or Rick Herbst is an American actor. He has two children, Cameron Herbst and Nicholas Herbst.

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Dicky Cheung

Dicky Cheung (February 8, 1965 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 张卫健, Dicky, Wai-kin Cheung, Killer, Wai Kin Cheung, Zhāng Wèijiàn, WaiKin, Dicky仔, 張衛健, 健仔 or Dicky Cheung Wai-kin is a Chinese singer and actor.

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Mick Collins

Mick Collins (December 18, 1965 Detroit-) also known as Collins, Mick is an American singer, programmer, actor and musician.

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Harbhajan Mann

Harbhajan Mann (December 31, 1965 Bathinda-) a.k.a. Harbhajan Singh Maan, Harbajan Mann, ਹਰਭਜਨ ਮਾਨ or Harbhajan Maan is a Canadian singer, actor and film producer.

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