Famous movie actors died in the year 1985

Here are 50 famous actors from the world died in 1985:

Julian Beck

Julian Beck (May 31, 1925 Washington Heights-September 14, 1985 New York City) was an American writer, poet, actor, theatre director and painter. He had two children, Garrick Beck and Isha Beck.

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Madan Puri

Madan Puri (November 27, 2014 Lahore-January 13, 1985 Mumbai) otherwise known as Madanpuri, Late Madan Puri, Madan Singh Puri, Madan Lal Puri or Madan Lal Singh Puri was an Indian actor. His children are called Pravesh Puri, Kamlesh Puri and Ramesh Puri.

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Seiji Miyaguchi

Seiji Miyaguchi (November 15, 1913 Tokyo City-April 12, 1985 Meguro) also known as Miyaguchi Seiji was a Japanese actor.

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Tage Danielsson

Tage Danielsson (February 5, 1928 Linköping-October 13, 1985 Stockholm) also known as Danielsson, Tage or Tage Ivar Roland Danielsson was a Swedish writer, comedian, poet, film director, actor, author, screenwriter and television director. He had two children, Patrik Danielsson and Jesper Danielsson.

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Edward Andrews

Edward Andrews (October 9, 1914 Griffin-March 8, 1985 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Eddie Andrews, Ed Andrews or Ed Edwards was an American actor.

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Kamatari Fujiwara

Kamatari Fujiwara (January 15, 1905 Fukagawa, Tokyo-December 21, 1985 Tokyo) also known as Fujiwara Kamatari, Fujiwara Keita or Keita Fujiwara was a Japanese actor.

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James Craig

James Craig (February 4, 1912 Nashville-June 28, 1985 Santa Ana) a.k.a. James Henry Meador was an American actor and real estate broker.

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Zvee Scooler

Zvee Scooler (December 1, 1899 Kamianets-Podilskyi-March 25, 1985 New York City) also known as Svee Scooler or Der Grammeister was a Russian actor.

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Francis L. Urry

Francis L. Urry (January 23, 1908 United States of America-May 6, 1985 Salt Lake City) also known as Francis Urry or Francis Lester Urry was an American actor, voice actor and teacher.

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Tex Terry

Tex Terry (August 22, 1902 Coxville, Indiana-May 18, 1985 Terre Haute) a.k.a. Tex Terry or Edward Earl Terry was an American actor.

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Hugh Burden

Hugh Burden (April 3, 1913 Colombo-May 17, 1985 London) was an English playwright, actor and soldier. He had one child, Brian Burdon.

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Ewen Solon

Ewen Solon (September 7, 1917 Auckland-July 7, 1985 Addlestone) a.k.a. Peter Ewen Solon, Evan Solon or Ewan Solon was a New Zealand actor.

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Neil McCarthy

Neil McCarthy (July 26, 1932 Lincoln-February 6, 1985 Fordingbridge) also known as Eugene Neil McCarthy was an English actor.

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George Pravda

George Pravda (June 19, 1916 Prague-May 1, 1985 London) also known as Jirí Pravda was a Czechoslovakian actor.

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Patrick Barr

Patrick Barr (February 13, 1908 Akola-August 29, 1985 Wandsworth) a.k.a. Patrick David Barr or Pat Barr was a British actor. He had one child, Belinda Barr.

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Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner (July 11, 1920 Vladivostok-October 10, 1985 New York City) a.k.a. Yuliy Borisovich Brynner, Yul Borisovich Bryner, Yuliy Borsovich Briner, Julius Briner, Jules Bryner, Youl Bryner, ユル・ブリンナー, Yuli Borisovich Bryner, Yuliy Borisovich Briner, Yul Brenner or Brenner, Yul was an American actor, television director, photographer, musician and writer. He had five children, Yul 'Rock' Brynner II, Lark Brynner, Victoria Brynner, Mia Brynner and Melody Brynner.

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Wilfrid Brambell

Wilfrid Brambell (March 22, 1912 Dublin-January 18, 1985 Westminster) a.k.a. Henry Wilfrid Brambell, Wilfred Brambell or Wilfred Bramble was an Irish actor.

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Wade Nichols

Wade Nichols (October 28, 1955 Freeport-January 28, 1985) also known as Dennis Parker or Parker, Dennis was an American pornographic film actor, actor and audio engineer.

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Joel Crothers

Joel Crothers (January 28, 1941 Cincinnati-November 6, 1985 Los Angeles) also known as Joel Anthony Crothers was an American actor.

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Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker (September 30, 1912 Monrovia-August 10, 1985 Solvang) a.k.a. Kenneth Laurence Baker was an American singer and actor.

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Nicholas Colasanto

Nicholas Colasanto (January 19, 1924 Providence-February 12, 1985 Studio City) otherwise known as Nicola Colasanto, Nick Colasanto, Nick or Nicky was an American actor and television director.

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Gary Holton

Gary Holton (September 22, 1952 East End of London-October 25, 1985 Wembley) also known as Garry Frederick Holton was an English singer, singer-songwriter, actor and musician. He had one child, Red Holton.

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Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson (May 8, 1940 Teaneck-December 31, 1985 De Kalb) a.k.a. Rick Nelson, Eric Hilliard Nelson, Eric 'Ricky' Nelson, Ricky, Eric, Eric Nelson Hilard, Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson, Eric Hilliard (Ricky) Nelson, Eric Hilliard "Rick (y)" Nelson, Eric Hillyard Nelson, Eric Hilliard Rick "Ricky" Nelson, Rick "Ricky" Nelson, Richard Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson, Eric Hilliard Nelson George, Rick. Nelson. or Rickie Nelson was an American singer, musician, actor, songwriter and singer-songwriter. He had five children, Tracy Nelson, Matthew Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Sam Nelson and Eric Jude Crewe.

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Franco Ressel

Franco Ressel (February 8, 1925 Naples-April 30, 1985 Rome) also known as Frank Ressell, Frank Ressel, Ray Russel or Domenico Orabona was an Italian actor.

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Kai Holm

Kai Holm (March 4, 1896 Lemvig-July 10, 1985 Denmark) a.k.a. Kai Emil Holm was a Danish actor.

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Johannes Marott

Johannes Marott (June 14, 1917 Frederiksberg-November 21, 1985 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar (July 9, 1938 Mumbai-November 6, 1985 Mumbai) a.k.a. Sanjeev, Harihar Zariwala, Shri Sanjeev Kumar, Haribhai, Godfather of Indian cinema, Doctor Kumar, Harihar Jariwala, Haribhai Jariwala, Sanjiv Kumar, Harihar Jethalal Zariwala or Harihar Jethalal Jariwala was an Indian actor.

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Rudolf Fernau

Rudolf Fernau (January 7, 1898 Munich-November 4, 1985 Munich) otherwise known as Rodolfo Fernau or Andreas Rudolf Neuberger was a German actor.

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Kurt Waitzmann

Kurt Waitzmann (January 30, 1905 Bitterfeld-May 21, 1985 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Jean-Roger Caussimon

Jean-Roger Caussimon (July 24, 1918 Paris-October 19, 1985 Paris) also known as J. R. Caussimon, Caussimon or J.R. Caussimon was a French actor and singer-songwriter. His children are called Raphael Caussimon and Céline Caussimon.

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Werner Hinz

Werner Hinz (January 18, 1903 Berlin-February 10, 1985 Hamburg) was a West German actor. His children are called Michael Hinz and Knut Hinz.

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Stepin Fetchit

Stepin Fetchit (May 30, 1902 Key West-November 19, 1985 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry, Step'n Fetchit or Stepin' Fetchit was an American actor. He had two children, Donald Lambright and Jemajo.

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Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson (November 17, 1925 Winnetka-October 2, 1985 Beverly Hills) also known as Leroy Harold Scherer, Jr., Hudson, Leroy, Mr Beefcake, Roy Harold Scherer, Jr., Rock Pyle, Roy Harold Scherer Jr., Roy Harold Fitzgerald, Fitz, Roy or Roc Hudson was an American actor.

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Prince Tui Teka

Prince Tui Teka (March 8, 1937 Ruatahuna-January 23, 1985) a.k.a. Tui Latui, Tui Teka, Prince Tui Teka or Teka, Prince Tui was a New Zealand singer-songwriter and actor.

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Takis Miliadis

Takis Miliadis (September 26, 1922 Athens-April 17, 1985 Ioannina) was a Greek actor. His child is called Marios Miliadis.

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Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt

Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt (March 13, 1910 Denmark-March 25, 1985) was a Danish actor.

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Orson Welles

Orson Welles (May 6, 1915 Kenosha-October 10, 1985 Hollywood) a.k.a. George Orson Welles, O.W. Jeeves, G.O. Spelvin, Orson Wells or Welles was an American film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, television director, playwright, film editor, theatre director, voice actor, radio personality, television producer, production designer, costume designer, writer and music arranger. His children are called Beatrice Welles, Rebecca Welles, Christopher Welles Feder and Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

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Richard Greene

Richard Greene (August 25, 1918 Plymouth-June 1, 1985 Norfolk) otherwise known as Richard Marius Joseph Greene was an English actor.

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Kirby Grant

Kirby Grant (November 24, 1911 Butte-October 30, 1985 Brevard County) also known as Kirby Grant Hoon Jr., Kirby Grant and His Orchestra, Robert Stanton or Kirby Grant Hoon, Jr. was an American actor, singer-songwriter and musician. His child is called Kirby Grant, III.

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Chic Murray

Chic Murray (November 6, 1919 Greenock-January 29, 1985 Edinburgh) a.k.a. Charles Thomas Mackinnon Murray was a Scottish comedian and actor.

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Louis Hayward

Louis Hayward (March 19, 1909 Johannesburg-February 21, 1985 Palm Springs) a.k.a. Louis Charles Hayward was an American actor. He had one child, Dana Hayward.

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George Savalas

George Savalas (December 5, 1924 The Bronx-October 2, 1985 Westwood) otherwise known as George Demosthenes, George Demosthenes Savalas, Demosthenes, Demosthenes Savalas or Georgie was an American sailor and actor. He had six children, Nicholas George Savalas, Leonidas George Savalas, Constantine George Savalas, Gregory George Savalas, Matthew George Savalas and Militza Savalas.

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Rudd Weatherwax

Rudd Weatherwax (September 23, 1907 New Mexico Territory-February 25, 1985) was an American actor and animal training. He had one child, Robert Weatherwax.

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Lloyd Nolan

Lloyd Nolan (August 11, 1902 San Francisco-September 27, 1985 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Lloyd Benedict Nolan, Nolie or Nolan, Lloyd was an American actor. His child is called Jay Nolan.

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Clifford Evans

Clifford Evans (February 17, 1912 Caerphilly-June 9, 1985 Welshpool) also known as Clifford George Evans was a Welsh actor and film producer.

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Harold Peary

Harold Peary (July 25, 1908 San Leandro-March 30, 1985 Torrance) also known as Harrold Jese Pereira de Faria, José Pereira de Faria, Harold Peary {The Great Gildersleeve}, Hal Peary or Harold (Hal) Peary was an American comedian, actor, singer and radio personality.

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Alexander Scourby

Alexander Scourby (November 13, 1913 Brooklyn-February 22, 1985 Newtown) also known as Scourby, Alexander, Alexander Scorby, Alex Scourby or Alexander Scott was an American actor and voice actor. He had one child, Alexandra Scourby.

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Frank Faylen

Frank Faylen (December 8, 1905 St. Louis-August 2, 1985 Burbank) a.k.a. Frank Ruf was an American actor. He had two children, Catherine Faylen and Carol Faylen.

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Steve Weston

Steve Weston (November 27, 2014-May 12, 1985) was a Canadian actor.

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George O'Brien

George O'Brien (April 19, 1899 San Francisco-September 4, 1985 Broken Arrow) also known as The Chest or O'Brien was an American actor and film producer. He had three children, Orin O'Brien, Darcy O'Brien and Brian O'Brien.

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