Famous actors died as a result of Cirrhosis

Here are 35 famous actors from the world died in Cirrhosis:

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac (March 12, 1922 Lowell-October 21, 1969 St. Petersburg) also known as Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, Jean-Louis Kerouac, Jean-Louis de Kerouac, John Kerouac, Jean-Louis Incogniteau, Jack, Ti Jean ("Little John"), Jean-Louis, Memory Babe, Jean Louis Kirouac, Jean-Louis Kérouac or Jean-Louis "Jack" Kérouac was an American poet, novelist, painter, screenwriter and actor. His child is called Jan Kerouac.

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John Barrymore

John Barrymore (February 15, 1882 Philadelphia-May 29, 1942 Los Angeles) a.k.a. John Sidney Blyth, Jack Barrymore, The Great Profile or Jack was an American actor. He had three children, John Drew Barrymore, Diana Barrymore and Dolores Ethel Mae Barrymore.

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John Le Mesurier

John Le Mesurier (April 5, 1912 Bedford-November 15, 1983 Ramsgate) also known as John Elton Halliley, John Elton Le Mesurier Halliley, John le Mesurier, John LeMesurier, John Charles Elton Le Mesurier De Somerys Hallilay, John Charles Elton Le Mesurier De Somerys Halliley or John Halliley was a British actor. His children are called Kim Le Mesurier and Robin Le Mesurier.

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John Cassavetes

John Cassavetes (December 9, 1929 New York City-February 3, 1989 Los Angeles) also known as John Nicholas Cassavetes or Nick Colasanto was an American film director, actor, screenwriter, television director, film editor and film producer. He had three children, Nick Cassavetes, Alexandra Cassavetes and Zoe Cassavetes.

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Bobby Jordan

Bobby Jordan (April 1, 1923 Harrison-September 10, 1965 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Bob Jordan, Bobbie Jordan, Robert Jordon, Robert Jordan or Robert "Bobby" Jordan was an American actor. He had one child, Robert Jordan, Jr..

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Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf

Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (April 20, 1962 Fall River-September 4, 2001 Fall River) a.k.a. Henry Joseph Nasiff, Henry Joseph Nasiff Jr. or Hank the Angry Dwarf was an American actor and entertainer.

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Miguel Piñero

Miguel Piñero (December 19, 1946 Gurabo-June 16, 1988 New York City) also known as Miguel Pinero or Miguel Antonio Gómez Piñero was a Puerto Rican writer, playwright, screenwriter, actor and poet.

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Franco Franchi

Franco Franchi (September 18, 1928 Palermo-December 9, 1992 Rome) a.k.a. Francesco Benenato, Franchi or Franco was an Italian comedian, actor and singer. His children are called Maria Letizia Benenato and Massimo Benenato.

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Garrincha (October 28, 1933 Pau Grande-January 20, 1983 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Mané Garrincha, Manoel Francisco dos Santos or The Little Bird was a Brazilian actor and football player. He had five children, Tereza dos Santos, Nadir dos Santos, Manuel Garrincha dos Santos Júnior, Neném dos Santos and Ulf Lindberg.

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Skelton Knaggs

Skelton Knaggs (June 27, 1911 Hillsborough, Sheffield-April 30, 1955 Los Angeles) also known as Skelton Barnaby Knaggs was an English actor.

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Mickey Daniels

Mickey Daniels (October 11, 1914 Rock Springs-August 20, 1970 San Diego) also known as Richard Daniels Jr., Mickie Daniels, Richard "Mickey" Daniels or Richard "Mickey" Daniels, Jr. was an American actor.

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Wendell Corey

Wendell Corey (March 20, 1914 Dracut-November 8, 1968 Woodland Hills) also known as Wendell Reid Corey was an American actor and politician. His children are called Bonnie Alice Corey, Jonathan Corey, Robin Corey and Jennifer Corey.

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Tom Conway

Tom Conway (September 15, 1904 Saint Petersburg-April 22, 1967 Culver City) otherwise known as Thomas Sanders or Thomas Charles Sanders was an English actor and voice actor.

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John Kitzmiller

John Kitzmiller (December 4, 1913 Battle Creek-February 23, 1965 Rome) a.k.a. John Kitzmiller k was an American actor.

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Chuck Mitchell

Chuck Mitchell (November 28, 1927 Connecticut-June 22, 1992 Hollywood) also known as Chuck 'Porky' Mitchell was an American actor, singer and stand-up comedian.

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Renato Salvatori

Renato Salvatori (March 20, 1934 Seravezza-March 27, 1988 Rome) otherwise known as Giuseppe Salvatori was an Italian actor. He had two children, Giulia Salvatori and Nils Salvatori.

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Richard Cramer

Richard Cramer (July 3, 1889 Bryan-August 9, 1960 Los Angeles) also known as Richard Earl Cramer, Dick Cramer, Rychard Cramer, Dick Kramer or Richard Kramer was an American actor.

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William Garwood

William Garwood (April 28, 1884 Springfield-December 28, 1950 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Billy Garwood, William Davis Garwood, Jr. or Billy was an American actor and film director.

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John West Sinclair

John West Sinclair (January 6, 1900 Memphis-February 13, 1945 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Johnnie St. Clair, Johnny Sinclair, John St. Clair, Johnny St. Clair, Johnnie Sinclair or John Sinclair was an American actor and comedian.

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Rockets Redglare

Rockets Redglare (May 8, 1949 New York City-May 28, 2001 New York City) also known as Michael Morra or Rockets Red Glare was an American actor and comedian.

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Marc McDermott

Marc McDermott (July 24, 1881 Goulburn-January 5, 1929 Glendale) otherwise known as Marcus McDermott or Marc MacDermott was an American actor.

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John Smith

John Smith (March 6, 1931 Los Angeles-January 25, 1995 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Robert Errol Van Orden was an American actor and singer.

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James Hall

James Hall (October 22, 1900 Dallas-June 7, 1940 Jersey City) also known as James E. Brown was an American actor.

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Masashi Amenomori

Masashi Amenomori (July 24, 1930 Chiba Prefecture-April 9, 1984 Kawasaki) a.k.a. Masao Amenomori or Amenomori Masashi was a Japanese voice actor and actor.

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Charles King

Charles King (February 21, 1895 Hillsboro-May 7, 1957 Hollywood) a.k.a. Charles Lafayette King Jr., Charlie King Jr., Charles King Sr., Chas. King, Charlie King, Chas. King Jr., Charles King Jr., Charles L. King, Charles King Jr, Charles L. King Jr. or Blackie was an American actor. He had one child, Charlie King.

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Colea Răutu

Colea Răutu (November 28, 1912 Limbenii Noi-May 13, 2008 Bucharest) also known as Nikolai Rutkovski, Colea Rautu or Choly Rautu Rutkovski was a Moldovan actor. He had one child, Irina Răutu-Munteanu.

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William Hudson

William Hudson (January 24, 1925 Gilroy-April 5, 1974 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. William Woodson Hudson, Jr., Bill Hudson or Bill was an American actor.

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Harvey B. Dunn

Harvey B. Dunn (August 19, 1894 Yankton-February 21, 1968 Hollywood) otherwise known as Harvey Dunn was an American actor.

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Mark Gil

Mark Gil (September 25, 1961 Manila-September 1, 2014 Manila) also known as Raphael Joseph De Mesa Eigenmann, Ralph or Raphael John Gil Eigenmann was a Filipino actor. He had six children, Sid Lucero, Andi Eigenmann, Ira Eigenmann, Maxene Eigenmann, Gabby Eigenmann and Stephanie Cheri Jacinto-Eigenmann.

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Richard Reeves

Richard Reeves (August 10, 1912 New York City-March 17, 1967 Northridge) also known as Richard Jourdan Reeves, Dick Reeves, Richard J. Reeves or Dick Richards was an American actor and soldier.

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Maciej Kozłowski

Maciej Kozłowski (September 8, 1957 Kargowa-May 11, 2010 Warsaw) a.k.a. Maciej Kozlowski was a Polish actor.

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Charles Quigley

Charles Quigley (February 12, 1906 New Britain-August 5, 1964 Los Angeles) was an American actor.

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Keefe Brasselle

Keefe Brasselle (February 7, 1923 Elyria-July 7, 1981 Downey) otherwise known as John Brasselli or Henry Keefe Brasselle was an American actor, television producer, author and businessperson. His children are called Melissa Brasselle, Rosana Brasselle and Erin Keefe Brasselle.

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Munawar Zarif

Munawar Zarif (December 25, 1940 Gujranwala-April 29, 1976 Lahore) a.k.a. منور ظریف, King Of Comedy, Munawar Zareef, M. Zareef, Munwar Zarif, M. Zarif, Munawaar Zarif or Muhammad Munawar was a Pakistani actor and comedian.

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Leo Jokela

Leo Jokela (January 24, 1927 Hausjärvi-May 11, 1975 Helsinki) also known as Leo Paavali Jokela, Gunhild Pula-aho or G. Pula-aho was a Finnish actor, makeup artist and singer. He had five children, Jaana, Juha, Tiinan, Juuson and Teemun.

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